Spring into Fashion!

Spring is here and it’s time to brighten up our wardrobes and stuff the dark jewel toned tops and black winter boots to the back of our closets for some much needed rest. Spring celebrates color and life. It’s time for re-growth and rebirth of your style (I’ll use any excuse to go shopping).  So let’s show all those fabulous designers we know and love how much we appreciate their sensational new spring trends by strolling downtown in floral sundresses and enjoying our weekends in paisley print rompers.

And while we’re off celebrating our new t-strap sandals we shouldn’t neglect to invest in some spring(y) gemstone jewelry.Emerald and Diamond Cocktail Ring

I suppose we can agree that spring’s official gemstone should be Emerald. Not only is it May’s birthstone, it is also symbolic for life, rebirth (just like our wardrobes!) and the arrival of spring. Let’s be honest, what could be more spirited than a luscious emerald flower cocktail ring?

Pink topaz jewelry adds a burst of color to every outfit and accentuates the gorgeous hues in this year’s vibrant floral prints. Even an accessory as simple as pink cushion studs can top off a spring time look and add some lively color in unexpected places.

Gemstone jewelry is a fantastic choice for all of your spring time trends. Although traditionally spring is reserved for softer shades, 2010 is mixing in colorful patterns to brighten up the season. The great news is that bright gemstone jewelryEmerald Flower Cocktail Ring will compliment all your spring attire and carry through to summer’s loud and vibrant styles.

3 responses to “Spring into Fashion!

  1. I adore big rings like this, especially with flowers! Might just have to get a ring like this some day soon…it has been a while since I’ve spoiled myself. 🙂

  2. Perhaps the most versatile clasp of all, spring rings work well on all types of designs. I think spring rings will always be a fashionable trend.

  3. Hmm I just realized that I don’t have any jewelry with May’s birthstone… Now added to my to buy list 😀

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