Crystal Blue Aquamarine

From icy pale to ocean blue, aquamarine jewelry is a great choice if you are looking for something different. A member of the beryl mineral family, it is plentiful and affordable. It is also more durable than the other famous beryl, the emerald. It isn’t hard to find a flawless aquamarine pendant whereas all emeralds have inclusions, even fine quality ones.
If you were born in March, the aquamarine birthstone is all yours, but everyone can enjoy the versatility that goes along with all the different shades of blue. Believed to have come from a mermaid’s treasure chest, there is something magical about this gemstone. Even sailors believed it protected them while they were on the open sea.
With a rank of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, cleaning your aquamarine ring is fairly simple. Soak the stones in warm soapy water and give a gentle scrub with a brush. But, because many of them have been heat-treated to enhance the blues, don’t clean in an ultrasonic or steamer.
Faceted stones display just how brilliantly blue these stones are, but the cat’s eye cabochon is a unique accessory. Cutters love to create unique designs with aquamarine because it is so easy to cut. Its lack of inclusions makes it a cutter’s dream!
Wear these gems on an elegant evening out or just to the grocery store. They are meant to be enjoyed and they love the sunlight. When it hits them, it’s like sunrays hitting the ocean.

4 responses to “Crystal Blue Aquamarine

  1. Beautiful stone! My mother was born in March and this is her birthstone. I am going to look around your site some more and see if I can get something for her for the holidays. I know she’d love a new piece! 🙂

  2. That is my birthstone! i was born in march and I love this water blue gem. Does anyone know where you can buy reasonably priced aquamarine jewelry?

  3. Aquamarine jewelry is just to die for! Love how dreamy and brilliant it looks when the sunlight graces its soft blue exterior…just perfect!

  4. My husband works as a captain on a cruise ship. Maybe this could be something for him! Then i wouldn’t have to worry for him as much 🙂

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