Farming Pearls

There is nothing more classic than a strand of pearls. Did you know that it takes about 10,000 pearls to find enough matching stones for a pearl necklace? That’s a lot of oysters! Luckily, the culturing process means that we have the quantities needed to do this.
Natural beds are not reliable or plentiful enough. Controlled saltwater and freshwater pearl farms can be found in Asia, the U.S., Europe and Australia to help keep up with the popularity of this classic gemstone.
So, how do you farm pearls? The only difference between a culture pearl pendant and a natural pearl is that the farmer nudges the process along by inserting an irritant into the shell instead of waiting for it to happen naturally. The rest of the process is the same. The oyster or mollusk secretes nacre as a covering around the irritant. Layer upon layer, it builds up the gemstone until it is removed.
Cultured pearl earrings or a strand of pearls are a traditional gift to a new bride or a college graduate. The pearl is also the birthstone for June and the gemstone for the 30th wedding anniversary.
Because they are very soft with a 2.5 to 4.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, gently clean with damp cloth and never use chemicals. They will ruin the finish. It is also recommended that you have your strand re-strung every few years.
Pearls are not just for grandmas and special occasions. A pearl ring or bracelet is trendy and classic at the same time.

10 responses to “Farming Pearls

  1. Oh pearls, how I love them so. So classic and timeless. I love how they can just go with any outfit! Every girl should own a pair!

  2. People wonder why some pearls are expensive… But what they don’t realize is that they can be labor intensive for up to four years. A lot of hard work went into making that simple pearl strand.

  3. Thank you for this one-even though I knew a good bit, I learned even more and I have SO MUCH RESPECT for these intelligent and diligent people.

  4. Strands of pearls are by far my favorite kind of jewelry. I think they naturally carry a certain kind of elegance that I have not been able to find with any other kind of jewelry.

  5. Pearls really are the perfect gift, for any occasion really. Nothing better than a brilliant white pearl strand. Nice update fellas!

  6. I didn’t think good of pearls at all before I found out that there are wonderful colored ones! Now I wear a pair of pearl earrings daily.

  7. I love pearls. As a tradition in my family I wear a pearl bracelet every Friday for good luck. Great article!

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  10. Wow gals… these pearls aren’t easy to make kk? They take like a full like 4 years to make and like they need to be put in like perfectly clean water. They like take like forever.

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