The Beautifully Flawed Emerald

The emerald is the only gemstone that is desired inclusions and all. Of course, the fewer the better, but jewelry lovers know that an emerald ring will have some of these character flaws. Simply a product of how they are formed, this beryllium aluminum silicate is known for the “jardin” of shapes, fissures and bubbles common to the emerald. Finding a near flawless emerald pendant of exceptional color surpasses the value of a fine quality diamond because it is so rare.
May babies get to celebrate with an emerald birthstone. Or you can commemorate your 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries with this luscious green gem.
Beautiful shades of green gems can be found in Colombia with other significant deposits in other South American locales as well as Africa and Asia. The color varies depending on the mine because it is the amount of chromium and vanadium in the earth that determines how vibrantly green the gem is. Also, look for transparent stones and bypass the low quality milky stones.
Because of the inclusions, an emerald bracelet should be carefully worn and cleaned. Yes, it is a beryl mineral with a rank of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, but the inclusions compromise its integrity. Just don’t knock around your pieces and they should be fine. Clean with gentle soap and water. Heat and chemicals can damage the stone and the oil treatment hiding the surface flaws.
Cleopatra recognized its beauty and it is just as popular today. Elegant and casual it is beautiful.

6 responses to “The Beautifully Flawed Emerald

  1. Oh, my birthstone! I love emeralds! reminds me of the Wizard of Oz 🙂

  2. Gemstones have different effects on various people depending upon there horoscopes. Certain gems are known to have cured people of dreaded diseases.

  3. Emarald helps in acquiring intelligence, higher education and good fortune. It also bestows good health, innovative mind and power of intuition. It brings advancement in profession, fame and honour.

  4. Is there any pitfalls with the meaning of giving an emerald pendant to a loved one? I am totally ignorant when it comes to jewelry, once gave a diamond ring to my partner and she thought I was asking her to marry me, that was an awkward evening.

  5. The emerald is just fan-tastic! Thanks goodness I was born in May! 😀
    Guess Cleopatra knew a thing or to about gem stones

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