The Diamond Commitment

It lasts a lifetime and then some- a diamond ring is the perfect way to express a commitment to the one you love. But, there is more to a diamond than just engagement rings and wedding bands. It is a fashion accessory that can be worn with an evening gown or a t-shirt. There are no rules!
Formed deep below the earth’s surface of carbon materials and pushed to the surface from volcanic eruptions, a diamond necklace is just as dramatic as its formation. The most significant stones are found in mines in Africa and South Africa.
If you are looking for a stone, especially a solitaire diamond pendant or ring, quality is important. The stones will be graded on the 4 Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. The GIA has grade scales to inform you of the better quality stones. Cut addresses the number of facets for optimal brilliance, color grades from colorless to yellow, clarity grades from flawless to heavily included and carat is the weight of the gem.
Choosing shape is also important. The most common ones are round, pear, marquis, emerald and oval shape. While round is traditional, the shape is a personal preference as well as what looks best on your hand.
Diamond jewelry is easy to take care of because of its durability. Any method of jewelry cleaning is safe to bring this gemstone back to its brilliant shine.
Whether you are shopping for an April birthstone gift, 60th wedding anniversary gift or just a fun fashion piece, diamonds look great on everyone

4 responses to “The Diamond Commitment

  1. I have never had any diamond jewelry my entire life until I got engaged 3 years ago…and now I have a wedding band with diamonds as well. Diamonds really are spectacular. I did not know that they were a 60th anniversary present. Good to know for the future 😉

  2. I believe that the world has fully committed to the diamond lifestyle. I can’t name anyone who would turn down a diamond gift.

  3. Oh I do love diamonds… I can’t believe I have as many as I have. Makes me worried how much money I have just lying around there in my jewelry box…

  4. Diamonds really are the best. You simply cannot go wrong with a diamond anything! They’re a great way to symbolize eternal love and commitment (no wonder they’re a girls best friend) haha

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