The Big Four

Although all gemstone jewelry are highly coveted possessions with each stone offering its own kind of captivating beauty, there are four main stones that reign supreme; the emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamond.

These four stones are all slightly more desirable and costly than most other gemstones especially when they are of excellent quality with minimal inclusions or abrasions and saturated in vibrant color. These gems are considered “The Big Four” and rightfully the most desirable of all the gemstones.

Emeralds – Emeralds are famous for their flaws but loved despite them. They have been a gemstone for ancient royalty and prized possessions of the Incas, Aztecs and ancient Egyptians. Cleopatra was famous for her crown of emeralds. Egyptian pharaoh’s adorned their chalices with the gorgeous green gemstone and entombed their dead with emeralds around their necks.

Ruby – A quality ruby is defined by its color. Although clarity plays an important role in finding the best ruby gemstone, rubies are valued for their romantic color. Red is the color of passion and power and in many ancient cultures the word ruby translates into “King of Gems” and today is honored by decorating the insignia of royalty across the globe.

Sapphire – Natural sapphires are truly coveted gemstones. The most sought after shades are the classic velvety blue, although sapphires come in every kind of blue one can imagine. Top quality, natural (untreated) sapphires are both extremely rare and extremely expensive. In many cultures a sapphire is given as the dominant stone in an engagement ring because they symbolize loyalty and longing for marriage.

Diamond – Diamonds are considered the ultimate gift and symbolize an eternity of love. However, diamonds are not considered a gemstone. They are in an entirely different league of their own. With a brilliant sparkle worn by all walks of the earth, diamonds are a classic stone adored by everyone.

4 responses to “The Big Four

  1. All four are lovely gems. I have always loved ruby’s, however the Emerald is my birthstone.

  2. I must have excellent taste, these just happen to be my four favorite gemstones!

  3. Pretty! Great run through here guys. I just looove all these gemstones! But it would probably kill to have to choose just 1 though! lol

  4. Being born with the name Ruby i have a huge collection of Ruby Jewelry. I have had to start to collect all the other types of gems my self to get a little bit of variety 🙂

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