Genuine vs. Costume Jewelry; It’s a Battlefield of Love

They thought nothing could compare to the beauty of an emerald or the sparkle of a diamond. People were sure gold and silver jewelry could never be replaced. But then they realized that sometimes feeding their families came before splurging on a diamond tennis bracelet.

Luckily, designers and brands all over the world have realized that “fashion is not a luxury” (as dubbed by the fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker) and have started creating fashion jewelry at more affordable prices. Cubic zirconia is an inexpensive stone designed to imitate top quality gemstones and diamonds and can appease a sparkle craving until you find the amethyst bracelet you simply can’t live without.

I know it’s a constant inner battle between choosing to splurge on that delicious diamond ring (we all have to treat ourselves, right?) or snatching up 3 pairs of more affordable fashion earrings, so here’s a few tips on how to decided if those genuine jewels are worth sacrificing your rent check.

  1. Is it a classic? Every jewelry box needs a few of the essentials, like diamond studs or a timeless pearl necklace. These eternal beauties are always worth investing in, especially if you catch them on sale. Classic jewelry pieces can be worn with nearly everything you own to add some simple sophistication you won’t find with any other kind of jewelry.
  2. TOO trendy? The fashion world is changing trends and styles every season. If this expensive piece will only be in style for another 2 minutes, don’t waste your money. Instead, look for vintage pieces or classics (as previously lectured) that will be in style forever.
  3. Is it 1 in a million? Every now and then you’ll stumble upon an absolutely exquisite piece that completely steals your heart and you just KNOW you will never find something like it ever again. If you can afford it, go for it. I feel like these “1 in a million” pieces are what helps define your fashion style and it makes you feel special and unique (in the best kind of way) whenever you wear it.

5 responses to “Genuine vs. Costume Jewelry; It’s a Battlefield of Love

  1. Diamond Religious Jewelry

    Trendy and stylish diamond jewelry, of course is a fashion symbol, but religious jewelry also have its own importance. The combination of fashion and religion gives birth to a different and unique culture where people fond of styles and latest fashion trends appreciate wearing the jewelry of religious symbolic designs. It depicts the combination of soul, faith and fashionable attitude.

  2. There are many reasons why someone buys jewelry. I know that I try not to splurge too much and get less expensive pieces for myself, but if I give a gift of jewelry, receive some, or want it for a religious or special event, it’s ok to spend more and get better quality.

  3. I agree, I love the real thing but costume jewelry always pulls through for me in the end. I’ll take some sparkle wherever I can get it.

  4. Genuine vs. Costume is allways a tough one…I guess it’s really a balancing act between the 2. Enough costume so you don’t go broke but still have nice variety, and enough genuine for that value and extra kick you get from knowing its the real dealio.

  5. Great list. I find that jewelry is very personal. Especially now when I have all the basics.

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