GEMaffair Sales

GEMaffair is constantly trying to bring you the best prices and deals. But with our brand new website and presence on various social media sites I thought you might want a push in the right direction.  Here’s a brief rundown of where you can find GEMaffair’s best deals and offers.

Clearance Tab: You can find our blow out items under the clearance tab at the top of the page. Here you’ll find gorgeous jewelry at close out prices. These items are perfect for anyone on a tight budget or just looking to score some good deals. Give these items as gifts to make it look like you spent a fortune! Right now our clearance items include a diamond tennis bracelet and a dazzling ruby ring.

Home Page: You couldn’t miss this promotion if you wanted too. It’s a big red bar conveniently placed next to the search box and under our categories. Here you will find this week’s latest sale. Weather it’s an instant rebate, 20% off a purchase or free priority shipping… you’ll find our latest offers advertised here!

Twitter and Facebook: We’re constantly offering special promotions specifically to our Facebook fans and Twittter followers. Follow our tweets and like us on Facebook for special coupon codes only available to our connected users. We also randomly run the occasional Twitter contest where you can RT TO WIN fine jewelry from GEMaffair.

5 responses to “GEMaffair Sales

  1. I love the stuff you guys post! I just added you on twitter and will follow you. I will have to tell my coworkers/friends about you because jewelry is definitely nice to have!

  2. Wow thanks guys! The update is much appreciated. Keep em coming!

  3. Now following you on twitter! Love your deals! Just placed a +$100 order 🙂

  4. Cool update guys! Especially the clearance tab for those of us on a strict budget.. Thanks! 😉

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