Toe Ring Wedding Bands

Toe rings are aCeltic Sterling Silver Toe Ring hot summer fashion that everybody’s wearing. Silver toe rings are a great way to compliment your favorite pair of sandals or add a little flair to your open toed shoes. They come in a variety of styles and colors to match your every outfit and your many moods and look great with that newly aquired summer tan.XOXO Toe RingFiligree Heart Toe Ring

Although western cultures view the toe ring as nothing more than a trendy fashion statement, this delightful footcandy actually originated to represent very serious matters. Women who practice the Hindu religion wear toe rings on both feet to represent their marriage. These silver toe rings are the equivalent to our expensive diamond wedding bands and are just as sentimental.  Traditionally they are strictly made of decorative silver bands and worn on two toes (one on each foot). According to Hindu religion gold must not be worn below the waist, which is why Hindu brides receive silver wedding bands instead of gold.

Depending on their wealth and husbands preference, these toe ring wedding bands can be worn on every toe (with the exception of the pinky) and even stacked to create a more unique and “expensive” ring. That means at any given time a married Hindu woman can wear 8+ silver toe rings simultaneously.

5 responses to “Toe Ring Wedding Bands

  1. oh wow..very interesting. I had no idea people wear them on their feet as a sign of marriage. Good to know. I would be a little worried mine would fall off if I did that.

  2. This will be perfect for my wife who has gorgeous feet !!!

  3. Ah I just love the whole toe ring thing!
    Its cool to know though the whole tradition behind them. I never had any idea that they were pretty much wedding rings!

  4. I absolutely adore toe rings! Just can’t get enough you know?
    Its nifty to know a bit of the history of ’em too


  5. That’s great prices. I have thought of getting one and that Silver Celtic ring looks really good at $11…

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