Citrine: A Humble Gemstone

Let’s pretend that you were giving a presentation at a company meeting. You did your research; you knew your material and overall gave a fairly decent shpeel. But after it was all said and done your humble speech was labeled “Truly brilliant!” “Absolutely brea

thtaking” and “Trip the lights fantastic!!!” You appreciated the compliments but would have easily been satisfied with a “good job” for your modest work.

Citrine and Diamond Ring

That’s pretty much a day in the life of a citrine gemstone. This November birthstone lives a modest life with its warm color and light golden undertones. However, despite its humble existence the citrine gemstone has received such prestigious nicknames such as golden topaz, Madeira and Spanish topaz. These compliments are only given because of the similarity in color between the two, yet have always been paralleled with this other gem. The citrine is actually a member of the quartz family (similar to amethyst and aventurine) and primarily exists in a light to dark yellow with gorgeous golden brown undertones. Many of the commercial citrines found on a citrine pendant or ring are actually created from heat treated amethyst and give the gemstone a reddish tint. Natural citrines are usually not as dark and are mostly pale yellow in color.

3 responses to “Citrine: A Humble Gemstone

  1. oOH I would love to own that! Yellow is my favorite color and boy oh boy..if only I could get that for myself. hehe…one day!

  2. Wow that really is a wonderfull gemstone. It looks so solid and fitting with the gold.

  3. Call me crazy but the citrine happens to be my favorite stone. It’s just so warm and unique you know? Gotta love that beautiful hue!

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