Bulova Mens Watches: Keeping Track of Time

Bulova mens watches are so much more than a pretty face (see what I did there?)  These watches have changed the way the world tells time, have been praised by presidents and celebrities and are so accurate that they have been used in 46 different space missions to keep track of time on the moon. And you know if NASA thinks it’s legit, well then, it must be true.

Designed in the early 1900’s by a Bohemian immigrant by the name of Joseph Bulova, these watches were never intended to change the world. Mr.Bulova simply wanted to express his newfound creative freedom and design beautiful watches for New York to enjoy. Little did he know that his brilliant vision would later create the first watch to run on batteries and would be praised by President Lyndon B. Johnson or used on the moon to keep track of time.

Find a large assortment of Bulova mens watches at http://www.gemaffair.com/

4 responses to “Bulova Mens Watches: Keeping Track of Time

  1. Super nice watch! Thanks for posting this up, my husband could use for one for the holidays. I have been stumped on what to get him, but this is very nice and I think he would appreciate it. Seems like they have a great selection!

  2. Now these are some top notch watches. I’ve had a Bulova that has been ticking since the cold war. Great quality indeed.

  3. Oh yeah I’m quite a big fan of the Bulova. Probably about the only brand to rival Rolex I’d say. These babies make one heck of a timepiece. Too bad I don’t currently have one…haha

  4. Wow there are some great watches there. I think i have to add to my collection…

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