NFL Jewelry: Groomsmen Gift Ideas

NFL Jewelry is a great idea to give as the traditional groomsman gift. Guys aren’t always so great at all that mushy stuff and sometimes have a hard time (ladies, raise your hand if you agree) showing how much they care, especially when it comes to sentimental moments with their “bros.” That’s where giving NFL jewelry comes into play. Not only are the titanium bracelets durable, “manly” and extremely sharp looking, each bracelet is labeled with your buddy’s favorite football team’s name and logo. They come at the perfect price and allows for personalization of gifts while still being consistent. Giving each guy a bracelet with their favorite NFL team lets them know that you care enough to know what team they’re rooting for and that you support them.  NFL jewelry won’t be a gift that receives half a smile and a polite thank you in return. When giving these NFL jewelry gifts the guys will totally be stoked to receive a quality piece of jewelry they will actually wear and appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

If bracelets aren’t really your style, look into NFL dog tag pendants, money clips and key rings for more affordable and versatile options. No matter what style of official NFL jewelry you buy, I can guarantee the gift will be a touchdown.

6 responses to “NFL Jewelry: Groomsmen Gift Ideas

  1. Those are excellent gift ideas! My friend is getting married and I know he is still looking for some gift ideas for his groomsmen. They are into football so this might be great!

  2. Sweet stuff! Great craftsmanship.Hope to get more from you…

  3. Oh these are absolutely perfect! Have been looking for some nifty gifts for the guys and this will do perfectly.
    Heck I might even get a Patriots one for myself! haha

  4. Hey this is a pretty neat thing here. Wouldnt actually mind getting one of these as a gift and/or wearing it. Nice find.

    Go Colts!!

  5. I was about to raise my hand but then i remembered all the things my boyfriend has done for me. He doesn’t do it often but when he does show his feelings it’s so incredible and personal. But it’s true the bro friendships can seem shallow xD I’ll give him a tip on these.

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