Ichthus Fish Jewelry

The ichthus fish (more commonly known as the Jesus fish) has become a well known icon of modern Christianity. This famous fish has made its way into Ichthus Fish Pendantjewelry, clothes and even car decals.

The word Ichthus comes from the Greek word that literally translates into “fish.” The original spelling of the word “Ichthys” has roots tracing back to Greek words all relating to God and the Holy Savior.

The fish was chosen as a symbol for modern Christianity because of its role in religious history. The first uses of the fish as a religious symbol trace all the way back to the 1st century catacombs in Rome. It is also believed that several of Christ’s disciples were fisherman. The fish has now been turned into a symbol labeling ichthus fish jewelry wearers as “people of god.”

Today many Christians wear the ichthus fish as a means to showcase their Jesus Fish Ring with Crossreligion. Christian fish pendants are often accompanied with the word JESUS written inside of the hollowed fish, hence the obvious name: Jesus fish. Ichthus fish rings and charm bracelets are often accompanied by a cross since the ichthus fish and cross go hand in hand as symbols of Christianity.

6 responses to “Ichthus Fish Jewelry

  1. I would love to own that pendant. I have many and like to change up what is on my necklace and this would be a nice addition. I am a church goer and I need to find something like this. It’s lovely.

  2. Best. Jewelery. Ever! I keep buying more and every time I think I’m done… you make something new and gorgeous!

  3. Absolutely! I love the Jesus fish jewelry.
    They’re just simply beautiful pieces and make quite the statement!

  4. Fish jewelry is where it’s at. I got a couple of the fishies on the back of my minivan but I’m still hunting for some gorgeous fish necklaces. Would love to get my hands on that first one that you have a picture of in the article.

  5. I gave one of your ichthus pendants to my cousins son on his confirmation. Great gift to any Christian.

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