Princess Diana’s Sapphire Engagement Ring Finds a New Home

As of November 16, 2010 the sparkling sapphire and diamond engagement ring that once belonged to the beloved Princess Diana has found a new home on the finger of Prince William’s fiancé, Kate Middleton. Made of a large oval sapphire surrounded by 14 dazzling diamonds, this sapphire engagement ring is worth more than just its $250,000 price tag.

Prince William speaks of giving Kate his mother’s  sapphire ring as more than just an expensive or impressive engagement ring. He felt that the ring and Kate were both equally special to him and it was only right that they should be together. He also notes that it was a way to make sure his mother was there to smile on the newly engaged couple and not miss out on their beautiful future together.

When Lady Diana originally picked this ring on the night of her engagement, she was displayed with a pillow of sapphire options. She landed on this 18 karat white gold sapphire ring because she simply connected with its beautiful design and rich blue color. This ring was by no means unique and could be purchased by anyone who also appreciates the sophisticated styling of the sapphire and diamond ring. Today hundreds of look-a-like Lady Diana sapphire rings and earrings can be purchased around the world as a wonderful way to commemorate Princess Diana’s memory and celebrate the engagement of the happy couple.

8 responses to “Princess Diana’s Sapphire Engagement Ring Finds a New Home

  1. That ring is stunning! That is really wonderful that he proposed to Kate with his mothers engagement ring. So romantic!

  2. Wow what a beautiful and stunning piece! Also very nice to hear about the history behind that lovely slice of beauty.

    One can only dare to dream about something so precious! 🙂

  3. Wow, that ring is just stunningly gorgeous! I am so excited for the Royal wedding! I am somewhat surprised that the ring doesn’t cost more. Sure it’s already pricey, but surprised something like that wouldn’t be more. Congrats to them both on their engagement! 🙂

  4. My girlfriend just showed me your blog post and told me she wants this ring. Any idea where I can find one like it? Preferably one this isn’t $250,000?

  5. Ooh wow, Princess Diana sure was a once in a generation eh? Never will quite forget those days.
    At least now the memory can live on with these beautiful rings…too bad I don’t have the cash money to snag one

  6. Lady Diana sure had great taste. So sad she couldn’t be alive to see Prince William getting engaged.

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