Springtime Toe Rings

With warm weather just around the corner it’s definitely time to celebrate the freedom of your feet from dark winter boots with some new foot candy. Toe rings are a springtime favorite that will rejuvenate your style (and your feet). They come in a variety of fresh designs that will match your every outfit. Ranging from simple silver to 14 karat gold, toe rings are an accessory that shouldn’t be neglected especially when it comes to accenting your vivacious spring styles.

Flower toe rings will turn a simple sandal into a floral frenzy and add a little springtime charm to your attire. Yellow gold toe rings compliment your newly tanned toes and sparkle in the sunlight. If you’re looking for a little extra sass to add to your peep toe heel, try on some decorative sterling silver toe rings with gemstone accents. For those lounging on the beach or strolling down the pier, enamel toe rings will add the perfect burst of color to match your freshly painted pedicure.

Whatever the occasion, there is bound to be a toe ring that will add some flirtatious flair to your style. Add some springtime zest to your attire and applaud the start of the warm weather season by treating yourself to some sparkling new toe rings;  your feet deserve it.

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