The Many Meanings of the Celtic Triquetra

Celtic Triquetra Ring with Amethyst

The Celtic triquetra is a famous symbol designed by the Celts and is used to symbolize groups of three. Over the years the original meaning of the design has been lost, but new interpretations have allowed the triquetra symbol to become a personal icon for each individual. It is also known as the trinity knot or Celtic triangle and has become a staple image for Pagans, Christians and Celtic art and is found in many tattoos and Celtic jewelry.

Christians have interpreted the sign to symbolize the holy trinity as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Pagans relate the three interlocked loops to the three types of goddesses as a young virgin, a mother and a crone. Others believe the three vesica pieces can represent the three main forces of nature (earth, air and water) as well as the cycle of life, death and rebirth.Celtic Triquetra Earrings with Amethyst

No matter what power of three the triquetra may mean to you, it can not be denied that its classic Celtic design is something to be desired. Whether you are of Celtic decent or just appreciate the fine designs of Celtic art, the ancient triqeutra symbol is an icon that can be worn and appreciated by many.

2 responses to “The Many Meanings of the Celtic Triquetra

  1. i am really interested in the ring & earrings with the amythest & triquetras on it & the matching ears. is there a way for mwe to buy them, depending on the cost of course. thank u Celtic freak.

  2. Absolutely! Both of these items are available for sale on our website.



    You can also browse our Celtic jewelry to find identical designs with different gemstones:

    Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

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