Cruising for Mystic Topaz Jewelry

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Mystic topaz jewelry is one of the favored alternatives for flashy jewelry when you’re looking for a little sparkle on vacation. More specifically, when taking a cruise to an exotic destination there are fancy dinners and cocktail parties to attend every night that require a little extra twinkle from the ladies. However, bringing your best is a risky business on cruise ships so it’s always a wise decision to bring something with the same amount of shimmer at a more affordable (and replaceable) price.

In these circumstances, many people understandably turn to cubic zirconia jewelry. However, I recommend bringing just a few pieces of your favorite variety of mystic topaz. Because of the wide range of colors in each gemstone, just one mystic fire topaz pendant, earrings, bracelet or ring will match many of your upscale outfits for dinner. Although potentially losing your favorite pair of sea mist topaz earrings is heartbreaking, it will definitely be easier on your wallet to replace compared to some diamond studs.

Mystic topaz jewelry has a diverse collection of shades ranging from the deep hues of the classic mystic fire topaz to the ocean blues of Neptune’s garden topaz, vibrant pinks of twilight topaz and sea mist topaz sprinkled with confetti colored sparkle. No matter which variety of mystic topaz you choose, you’re guaranteed to find an outfit that will benefit from the vibrant sparkle of the colorful gem and sleep easier at night knowing that you can still look fabulous while your diamonds are safe at home.

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