Affirmation Ring Pendants and Charms

Affirmation rings are an extremely simple piece of jewelry with a whole lot of meaning. Each ring has the exact same design consisting of a solid frame with a hole in its center. Its circular shape is symbolic for endless or continuous belief in whatever message is imprinted around the ring.

Each affirmation ring is engraved single word meant to be inspirational, LOVE Affirmation Ringmotivational or sentimental to the wearer. For example, a LOVE affirmation ring makes wonderful gift to give to a significant other to represent your endless love. By combining affirmation rings on a chain, the wearer can create a personal, custom collection of sentiments expressing their values, dreams and inspirational thoughts.

Affirmation rings are most commonly worn as silver pendants and are strung onto chains one at a time or in groups. However, affirmation rings can also be made into simple bracelets by tying opposite ends to a piece of leather, hemp or string and adding a simple closure. They can also simply be carried around as a good luck charm or used in various crafts like scrapbooking or picture frame designs as a means to add a sentimental or inspirational message to the artwork.

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