April Birthstone – The Diamond

The diamond has been nominated for the birthstone of lucky April babies. The most valuable of all birthstones, it’s interesting to note that diamonds actually begin their sparkly lives as simple pieces of coal. Once the coal is exposed to high heat the atoms rearrange themselves turning the black coal into a diamond. Unfortunately, scientists are still unable to duplicate this process making diamonds one of the few jewels that can not be produced in a lab.

However, you might recognize the diamond’s sparkle in clear cubic zirconia stones. That’s because CZ stones are designed to look like imitation diamonds, made with the highest grade clarity and cut. But cubic zirconia stones are nothing like diamonds with the exception of the colorless sparkle.

Diamonds are named after an ancient word meaning “invincible.” This April birthstone continues to live up to it’s appropriate name as it continues to hold the title for hardest substance known to man according to the mohs scale of hardness. It also appears to remain undefeated as one of the world’s most prized and costly jewels of all time.

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