Black Onyx Jewelry

Black Onyx stones are a variety of agate that has beBlack Onyx Ring with Maracasiteen dyed to give the stone a striking black color. Ancient civilizations over 4,000 years old created black onyx by cooking the agate stones in a honey and sugar water stew over a lot heat for several days. Ever since then, black onyx has been used in the Black Onyx Dangle Earringsbackground for many pieces of jewelry because of its smooth surface and texture.

Black onyx is thought to have many positive attributes according to urban mythology and lore. Greek myths quote black onyx as being a lucky talon and was worn as a pendant for good luck. Several Indian tribes used black onyx as a means to “let go” of their lost loved ones and bring harmony and peace to their present life. Many others believe it restores positive thoughts and good vibes since the black stone absorbs all negative thoughts sent the wearer’s way.

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