Famous Emeralds

Emeralds are a member of “The Big Four” which is an elite group of the four most coveted gemstones in the world. Emeralds are loved for their intense green color and their ability to be completely unique from one another. There are countless famous emeralds displayed all over the world, several of which can be found in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum under the National Gem and Mineral Collection.

Famous emeralds come in all different shapes and sizes. They can be found in famous pieces of emerald jewelry, royal crowns or simply by themselves; recognized purely for their brilliance in size or color such as the Bahia Emerald. This giant gemstone is considered to be one of the largest emerald stones ever to be found and weighs in at a staggering 1,9300,000 carats.

The Mogul Emerald is another of the world’s largest Emeralds and inscribed with an Islamic prayer and flowers. This holy tablet’s estimated value is over $2,000,000.

Some of the most famous and noteworthy famous emeralds are contained in the Crown of the Andes. This crown was made to honor the Virgin Mary who saved the citizens of Popayan, Columbia from a terrible plague. Emeralds were used in this crown because of their believed powers to ward of diseases, just as the Virgin Mary did for the small town. The magnificent crown is made of solid gold and decorated with 447 individual emeralds. The largest of the stones is named after the Inca Princess “Atahualpa” in honor of her death.

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