June’s Pearl Birthstone

Pearls come in eight basic shapes: baroque, button, drop, oval, pear, round, semi-round, and circled. The most valuable pearls are perfectly symmetrical, large in size and created naturally from the depths of the sea. Cultured pearls replicate the natural process by having humans insert a foreign substance in the mollusk in order to force the nacre process to occur.

However, no matter which kind of pearl you choose to line your pearl necklace or shimmer from your ears, all pearls add sophisticated class to your outfit with their natural beauty and iridescent luster.

Pearls are in the running for the top three types of jewelry worn on brides and are June’s beautiful birthstone.  Pearls have made their most famous appearances while accenting the outfits of royalty and first ladies for centuries. Such lovely ladies include Princess Diana who was photographed countless times sporting a pearl choker as well as Michelle Obama who tends to favor either Akoya or white South Sea pearl necklaces.

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