How to Clean your Silver Jewelry

No matter how hard you try, your silver jewelry will inevitably be exposed to humidity causing its pretty silver surface to tarnish with a dark black coating. However, the good news is that silver jewelry can be easily cleaned and polished without spending a lot of time or money.

The most famous way to clean silver jewelry is by using aluminum foil and baking soda to transfer the tarnish from the silver jewelry to the disposable sheet of foil. This is easily accomplished by:

–         Lining a small bowl with a crumpled sheet of foil

–         Placing your jewelry on top of the foil

–          Sprinkling the baking soda over the jewelry

–          Filling the bowl with boiling water

–         After the jewelry soaks for a few minutes, remove each piece and polish it using a jewelry cleaning cloth.

The idea is that the baking soda will cause a chemical reaction, loosening the tarnish from your jewelry and transferring it to the foil.

Other alternatives to this method include scrubbing your silver jewelry with a soft bristled tooth brush and unscented soap or using a chemical polish.

No matter which method you choose, it is VERY important to be aware of the do’s and don’ts of cleaning different gemstones. Each gemstone has a different softness and can easily be scratched or destroyed if proper cleaning precautions aren’t taken.

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