What is Officially Licensed Sports Jewelry?

Whenever you are sporting jewelry from your favorite MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA or NCAA team you want to make sure that your team spirit is both official and legal.

Officially licensed sports jewelry means that whatever bling you’re wearing has been approved by the league or association to represent that sports team. It also allows the manufactures to use official team names, logos and colors when designing the jewelry.

Although many companies may claim that their sports jewelry has an “official” logo, you can never be sure that the jewelry is not a fraud unless you can see the official hologram sticker. This small shiny sticker turns whatever piece of sports jewelry you are looking at from just another cheesy rip off to the real deal.

So what’s the bottom line? ALWAYS check for the officially licensed hologram sticker before buying sports jewelry.

Looking for some? Check out GEMaffair’s growing collection of officially licensed sports jewelry that we GUARANTEE is officially licensed by the MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and NCAA so that you can support your team and your style – the official way.

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