Valentine’s Day in South Korea VS the U.S.A.

The United States likes to celebrate Valentine’s Day with gusto, the gentlemen bestowing gifts upon the ladies in a traditional, lavish fashion. The countries that spend the most money on Valentine’s Day gifts surprisingly don’t include the United States; they are Singapore, China, and South Korea. In South Korea, Valentine’s Day, ‘Red Day’ marks the beginning of three consecutive months of couple (or lack thereof) related holidays. On Red Day, South Korean women give chocolate to their men or love interests. Next, White Day on March 14, South Korean men scour many candy stores for hours on end, perfecting their non-chocolate gift for their significant others. Lastly, if efforts were unsuccessful the previous two months both men and women partake in ‘Black’ Day on April 14. Black Day is a celebration of singledom; single men and women join together with friends to eat jajangmyeon (black bean sauce and noodles) and often lament their situation. If the men or women are successful in their courting endeavors, they will often participate in a very popular South Korean trend, couple outfits and matching jewelry. Why not create a new trend with matching outfits and jewelry?

In Korea couples often wear matching outfits

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