Luck of the Irish

Somehow, being Irish is the epitome of luck. It wouldn’t seem to stem from Ireland, as Ireland has sustained a great deal of hardship over the centuries. It may refer to the amount of luck to be had by the Irish when they relocated to America. Their biggest advantage over the natives was their ability to speak English. Speaking English paved the way for the Irish as they joined political assemblies; they could voice their opinions and make contributions to society in a way that made them appear ‘lucky’. Nearly everything lucky is associated with the Irish or the color green; clovers, leprechauns, St. Patrick’s Day, Claddagh rings, horseshoes, rainbows, pots of gold, itchy palms, wishbones, wishing wells, etc. Personally, I really enjoy the Claddagh ring. It’s a really fantastic way to thwart bad luck AND declare marital status. Here’s a quick guide to wearing a Claddagh ring. Consider purchasing a Claddagh ring to keep away bad luck woes permanently!

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