The True Queen of Camelot, Jacqueline Kennedy

February 14th marked the 50 year anniversary since the nationally broadcasted White House tour by Jacqueline Kennedy, all documents pertaining to said broadcast were released by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. As a result there is much buzz in the media about American’s sweetheart Jackie Kennedy in days following Valentine’s day. It appears the coined phrase ‘Camelot’ in her notes gives clarification as to who actually invented the phrase to describe the Kennedy’s impactful presidential reign.

It’s actually quite startling that Jackie Kennedy has had such an impact on the way people see the White House. The fact that she drew her own designs, dragged American made furniture from storage and spent roughly two million dollars restoring the presidential residence is mind boggling. It’s not an easy task, and she took it on with ease. The White House tour, spouting the new and improved White House, was viewed by 8 million people worldwide and the script was personally prepared and hand-written by Mrs. Kennedy. Jackie Kennedy was incredibly meticulous, paying close attention to detail in all aspects; her notes simply demonstrate this valuable personality trait. She was careful in the selection her words, wardrobe, jewelry, and the furniture to be placed in the White House. It follows she was conscientious in most, if not all things she accomplished in her lifetime.

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