For The Love of Christian Jewelry

The Christian faith has been around for ages, Christian jewelry just as ancient as the faith itself. Jewelry of Christian themes tends to reflect the humility of the religion in stunning, unmatched designs. They have always been worn by high priests during special rituals and sometimes with inscriptions. Christians, historically, have been prosecuted for their faith by a number of different groups of people. It’s faith, determination, and dedication that has kept Christianity going strong and proud into the modern day world. Here is a list of the most prominent types of jewelry worn by high authorities as well as Christians worldwide.

Ichthus Fish (ΙΧΘΥC) Jewelry
The fish is one of the most well known symbols of Christianity. The first four disciples of Jesus were originally fishermen. Jesus said he would make a new ‘kind of fisherman’ out of the four, where their sole purpose was to spread the word of god to men and women they ‘caught’.  ΙΧΘΥC, the Greek for the world Ichthys (or Ichthus) means “Jesus Christ, God’s son, savior”, (Ἰησοῦς Χριστός, Θεοῦ Υἱός, Σωτήρ”, Iēsous Khristos Theou Huios, Sōtēr), their code for their belief in Jesus and their way of avoiding prosecution.
fish meaning

Types of Ichthus Fish Jewelry

Plain Ichthus Fish                  Jesus & Ichthus Fish              Cross & Ichthus Fish

Cross Jewelry
Most devout Christians have some kind of cross jewelry in their jewelry collection, which is why it makes a most excellent symbolic, meaningful gift. Regardless, cross jewelry is just as heavy in Christian symbolism as the Christian fish. The Christian cross is the representation of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It sometimes contains a three-dimensional representation of Jesus’ body. The cross is marked by two lines crossing at angles, like in the shape of the letter ‘t’. It’s a piece of Christian art that is both aesthetically appealing and widely worn.

Types of Cross Jewelry
Religious Crucifix PendantHoly Crucifix Pendant
Crucifix Crosses

Celtic EarringsCeltic Cross
Celtic Crosses

Fleur De Lis CrossFleur De Lis Cross
Fleur De Lis Crosses

Navy Cross JewelryAnchor Cross
Ornate Crosses

Orthodox and citrine crossOrthodox Cross pendantOrthodox Cross Diamond Earrings
Orthodox Crosses

Western CrossWestern Cross Diamond Earrings
Latin / Western Crosses

Angel Jewelry
Angel, comes from the Greek word aggelos (ἄγγελος) which means “messenger” so jewelry having to do with angels typically conveys an important message of faith. Typically, angels encompass the range of spirits that God has created in both good and evil aspects such as seraphim, cherubim, and the arch angel.

Praying Angel PendantPraying Angel PendantPraying Angel Pendant
Praying Angels

Guardian Angel PendantGuardian Angel Pendant
Guardian Angels

Thinking Angel PendantPondering Angel Pendant
Thinking / Pondering Angels

Prayer Pendant Jewelry
Though lockets themselves are not uncommon nor a new trend, prayer pendants are a relatively new phenomenon. They are also called ‘wish boxes’ or ‘hope pendants’. Their sole purpose is to be worn over the heart with a special wish, hope, or prayer hidden away on a small piece of paper. Sometimes, the wearers will seal the prayer pendant closed especially if they choose a message they want to be applied to the entirety of their life.

Ichthus Fish Prayer PendantCross Prayer PendantPrayer PendantPrayer PendantFlower Prayer PendantCross Prayer PendantVariations of Prayer Pendants

Saint Jewelry
Besides being there to watch over you and keep you safe, saints are also representative of those young Christians who have chosen their saint and have finally been confirmed. Therefore, it’s the kind of gift that has a plethora of meanings. From Saint John Paul to the Virgin Mary, there are so many saints to choose from and each having their own special message.

St. Helen necklaceSt. Helen Pendant
St. Helen: Saint Helen of the city of Colchester, England was the birthplace of this saint. She made a famous pilgrimage to Jerusalem with the strong desire of discovering the crucifix cross that Jesus suffered to carry. She is the patron of archaeologists.

St. Michael PendantSt. Michael PendantAir Force St. Michael Pendant

St. Michael: The archangel, “who is like God” is the interpreted symbol of humility before God. In the New Testament Saint Michael leads the army of God against Satan’s in the Book of Revelation.

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