Best Gifts for Men

Men are incredibly difficult to buy for. They like simplistic things and a majority of the market caters towards women and their buying habits, from clothes, shoes, purses, to jewelry, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for the men except maybe men purses and v-neck shirts (last I heard, American culture doesn’t dig). Like any man or woman, they just want to know that they’re cared about and that their interests/hobbies were taken into account. Above all, a gift that is thoughtful is a gift that doesn’t end up on a shelf somewhere gathering dust. So put those ties away, you bought him a wallet last year, and he certainly has enough Sunday shirts, so get ready for some fresh, carefully compiled ideas of alternatives for important holidays like birthdays, Father’s Day, anniversaries, etc.

Men’s Sports Pendants
Not every man loves sports, but when he does don’t expect him to forgot the Superbowl for an evening out on the town, simply isn’t going to happen. When you love someone, you accept all of them knowing full well what you’re getting into. That’s why sporty men’s pendants are excellent. The NCAA (or school they attended), MLB, NHL, NFL, NASCAR, he can wear it around his neck at a baseball game or from the comfort of his couch, hotdog in hand.

Men’s Religious Pendants
One of the most timeless pieces of jewelry is the cross, some men wear crosses for the simple fact they are dressy without being too over the top. They may or may not be religious; it just depends on their style. There are Judaica pendants, Saint Pendants (which in themselves are very meaningful, all coming with an important message), cross, fish, and more.

Men’s Family Pendants
Men are just as proud of their family as women are. Often, men will get tattoos of their offspring on various limbs of their body. Why not get him a not-so-permanent skin adornment that will last longer than a tattoo? A lot of men’s pendants are engraveable, so you can take any kind of pendant and write a special ‘family’ message on the backside.

Men’s Career (In Uniform) Pendants
The average working man spends most his waking hours in the grind, and if he’s a hard worker he’ll definitely appreciate these identifying kinds of pendants. Military pendants like the Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, or other men in uniform like police officers and firemen. Job related jewelry like men’s pendants are an excellent choice.
Fire Rescue Emblem Firefighter Pendant Image
Men’s Masonic Jewelry
Don’t forget that unique gift of masonic jewelry, for that special Freemason in your life.

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