Topaz Pendants – How to Wear Topaz

Fashionistas aren’t born, they’re created. And thus by this definition, with a little finesse even the most fashion challenged individual can wear topaz pendants flawlessly. Here’s a short guide to what to take into account when donning topaz.

Cut: Live on the Wild Side – If you’re looking for a topaz that seems to rain color, you’re going to want to find a special kind of cut that maximizes color potential when introduced to light. Think very good cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, radiant cut, etc. For that laid back, languid play of colors try the rectangular cut.

Rectangular Cut                                           Cushion Cut
Mystic Fire Topaz Rectangular PendantCushion Cut Blue Topaz Pendant

Color: Radiate Wildfire – choose that color that properly accents whatever you’re wearing. Like makeup, just because you’re wearing pink doesn’t mean you should wear pink eyeliner. Try to choose a color that’s on the color spectrum that doesn’t immediately match your color choice. For instance, mystic fire topaz is a very stunning gemstone that radiates blues, greens, and purples. It would go well with something that contrasts those colors. Yet, you can also choose one of the colors already existing, either way you will look stunning. Mystic fire topaz goes with pale, grey tones; try solids or patterns. Or with a lighter stone such as sea mist topaz, try shades of pinks or sea mist green for a stunning accent.
Blue Topaz Journey PendantMystic Fire Topaz Pendant

Size: Beauty and the beast – one might assume that a larger stone could be considered gaudy. That is not the case! Rings that swamp the fingers like delicious ring pops are in this season. They are brilliant spring and summer accessories due to their coloring. For a delicate, more laid back approach try stones that are smaller and sit nicely in the middle of your chest.
Smoky Topaz (Quartz) PendantSea Mist Topaz Pendant

Design: Starlet – there are an unlimited amount of choices of shape and design of a stone. In combination with cut and color, you can make this accessory uniquely yours. Think gemstone trims, extravagant bails, animal designs, plain prong sets, and more.

Dolphin PendantButterfly Pendant

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