Sparkle for the Wrist – Mystic Fire Topaz Bracelets

Add some vibrant fire and brilliant color to your jewelry collection with a mystic fire topaz bracelet. The color is great for all seasons, but in particular is a great fall trend.

Types of Mystic Fire Topaz Bracelets:
Tennis Bracelet: One of the most popular types of bracelets is a tennis bracelet, known for its classic, laid back look and efficient clasp to protect against breakage. What makes a tennis bracelet is just a row of gemstones, most typically the same gemstones (though, there’s always an exception to a rule).

Link Bracelet: It’s like a tennis bracelet, except between each gemstone is a link of some sort. It can still be considered a tennis bracelet, also.

Toggle Clasp Bracelets: These bracelets are easy to wear and remove due to the toggle clasp. One side will be an open circle, the other side will contain a thick bar that attaches by inserting it into the circle, extending past the edges, and holding the bracelet in place.

Tennis BraceletToggle Clasp BraceletLink Bracelet

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