Fashion Trend of the Summer – Topaz Rings

With summer here, what better than treating yourself to a sparkling, gorgeous topaz ring? Topaz comes in so many shapes, sizes, cuts, and colors, so it might be difficult to choose that perfect topaz to accessorize with. It’s best to remember that when it comes to wearing rings, the best colors are colors that offset the outfit. Contrast, rather than match makes a much bigger impact. It’s the kind of impact where women want to know where you got it, and men take notice of your lovely, slim hands and that cute smile when you place your hands softly on your face to brush away a lock of hair. You will have him absolutely pining. Here’s a short, quick tutorial to wearing topaz rings.

Wear contrasting colors – Choose colors that offset whatever ensemble you might be wearing that day. I also recommend choosing an outfit AFTER choosing the accessory. Choose that brilliant sea mist topaz ring, a brilliant kaleidoscope of pink, white, blues, and purples. Choosing an outfit that exemplifies the color pink, like sky blue or a bright yellow is key.

Ring size – Now, this is completely dependent on you. Sometimes a large, flashy topaz detracts. Is your outfit a strong statement, or meek? E.g. is it colorful, off the wall, trendsetting? If that’s the case, wearing a larger stone would be beneficial. However, if you’re wearing a laid back, floral dress a smaller ring is more tasteful. It simply depends on the tone or ‘tude’ of your ensemble.

Type of gold – Sterling silver, yellow or white gold? Again, it depends on the coloring of the ensembles you typically choose to wear. Also, sterling silver goes well with all kinds of skin tones, as does gold, but the skin tone it goes best with varies. Sterling silver goes best with pale, pink skin tones while gold goes best with sun-tanned.

That’s all I have for you now. Make sure to check back for more trendy advice!

Blue Topaz Ring Set

One response to “Fashion Trend of the Summer – Topaz Rings

  1. These is really cool gemstone jewelries…!!!

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