Celtic Symbolism

Celtic Pendants are gifts that are well thought out, meaningful, as well as beautiful; a gift that will never fail to please. Celtic pendants are gorgeous and symbolic, think Claddagh ring, knots, ropes. They’re a great gift for a significant other, for yourself, or a friend.

Claddagh: You can read more in depth about the Claddagh shape and how to wear it properly here, but very briefly the Claddagh pendant pertains to relationship status. When worn a certain way, it can mean single, friendship, in a relationship, engaged, and married.

Triqueta: This can mean a variety of things, but the basic motif is the symbol of three. Whether it is the father, son, and the Holy Spirit or the three stages of womanhood, the triqueta would make a meaningful Celtic pendant.

Celtic Key: While the symbols involved in the key are elements of other Celtic centralized images, the key itself is always meaningful and many women enjoy wearing keys due to varied amount of meanings that come with them. A key to a new door, a key to your heart, a key to the truth, the possibilities go on and on.

Celtic Cross: Most Celtic jewelry has some sort of ‘three’ symbolism. It makes sense that there would be a Celtic cross, following that line of reasoning. The cross is rooted in superstition, belief, faith, and also as an emblem of a person’s identity.

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