Guide to Wearing Mystic Fire Topaz Pendants

Mystic fire topaz is a new take on the November birthstone, topaz. The properties of mystic fire topaz are the same as natural made topaz you can find all over the world, but it has been treated with a unique coating technique that gives it a radiating, colorful appearance.


ImageMetal: When choosing a mystic fire topaz pendant to wear, consider the type of metal used and the bail type. Mystic fire topaz looks great with yellow gold, white gold, and sterling silver. It’s simply a matter of matching your ensemble and your own taste. Sterling silver tends to be the most budget type of metal you can buy, while white gold is the most expensive.

Gem Size: Having a larger stone doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a stronger impact on people you encounter; however, small is not always better, either. It truly depends on your own independent style. If you are an introvert, quiet and reserved (for the most part, we know you introverts have a bit of a wild side!) you may want to choose a mystic fire topaz pendant with subtle beauty.


Gem Shape: Dependent on the shape and cut, the color scheme of the mystic fire will change significantly. See below.

Mystic Fire Topaz PendantMystic Fire Topaz Pendant

These two crab pendants are exactly the same except for the cut. Even though they are the same stone, same shape, as you can see there is a noticeable color difference.

In the end, choose what you like and everything else will fall into place!

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