Mystic Fire Topaz Rings – Choose Wisely

large mystic fire topaz ringMystic fire topaz, sea mist topaz and other created topaz stones are a recent craze. These engineered gemstones are brilliant combinations of colors, combined in such a way that people who see topaz rings in action want to know where it was purchased. Not only are these created rings gorgeous, but they’re affordable. It just makes sense that they’re so incredibly popular.

What to look for in a mystic fire topaz ring: Check that the coating on the outside of the stone is in tact, properly secured by the prongs, and unscratched. Make sure the color is brilliant by going out into the sun and examining it carefully.

How to care for mystic fire topaz: Mystic fire topaz should be placed away in a secure, room temperature place like a jewelry box with felt lining, limiting contact with other jewelry. Never wear mystic fire topaz in any high impact activities, gardening, moving furniture, or any type of activity that would risk the jewelry being damaged in any way. Clean the ring once a week to remove soap, hand oil, and body oil residue with a clean cloth and cleaning solution; buff to avoid water spots. Do not use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, which will damage the treated surface of mystic fire topaz.

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