NASCAR Jewelry

You’re driving on the road and you see a slanted #88 on the back of some SUV or truck (I might be stereotyping here a bit). You suppose it’s better than the most recent trend of stick figure families on the back of a soccer mom’s van or a political candidate bumper sticker (besides, the election is over at this point you’re just rubbing it in).

Showing your personal style on your car is a pretty common thing, though with the prevalence of road rage we’re not sure why you would want to be anything but another car on the road. Regardless, the topic at hand is NASCAR, more specifically NASCAR jewelry. It’s a great (and better!) way to show your personal style or interests in this case. If you’re going out to watch a race, watching from the comfort of your recliner, or out and about on a normal day, this is a very fun, less intrusive way of showing off your favorite sport!

For me, my favorite accessory is a necklace. I don’t bump it on anything, I forget it’s there and it looks great. But you might be a ring man (see what I did there?) or lady. That’s fine. Just because I personally can’t wear something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider it. Personal taste is personal. Though, if you are a man who works in his hands we at GEMaffair might not recommend it (in fact, we don’t unless you can get into a habit of removing your ring).

Matt Kenseth, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle, Jeff Gordon, and I can’t keep up. But that’s okay, just visit our site and use search bar to find exactly what you need because we have a ton of NASCAR accessories and it’d be fruitless to link you to one thing.

Carl Edwards necklace, Carl Edwards watch, Carl Edwards weird sandal pendant thing… we got it all; pages upon pages. Take a look!

tony stewart nascar money clipdale earnhardt earringsdalejrheartpendantdannyhamlinnecklace

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