Summer Solstice and Fashion

Today, Friday the 21st is the summer solstice. It is also the longest day of the year! Solstice literally means the sun is standing still. In the northern hemisphere, it is the shortest night and longest day, but in the southern hemisphere the Winter Solstice is the longest. The Celtics and Slavs celebrated the first day of summer with dancing and bonfires, in praise of the sun.

The Druids’ celebrated this day as the “wedding of Heaven and Earth” which has a tie into modern day solstice, and explains summer wedding fever! Weddings in June are considered lucky.

The toe ring is a classy, trend especially at the beach; the beautiful sand, a lovely contrast to your tanning, oiled up skin, snack food, a good book, and the heart-warming sun. It’s just what you need to get away. You can tie that toe ring or anklet in with short shorts, flowing bright top, and large brim hat. The way you dress will absolutely impact the kind of day you have. If you feel sexy, you will radiate confidence and sexiness. You will turn heads.


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