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Getting Lucky for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to don some green, lucky vibes, and a smile. You don’t always have to wear green for St. Patrick’s day, green is so last season. And a little pinch never hurt anyone.

St. Patrick or the Feast of Saint Patrick’s day is celebrated on March 17th, the day of St. Patrick’s death. It is an observed holiday, was originally a feast day but gradually became a celebration of Irish culture. St. Patrick’s day is a national holiday in Northern Ireland, where it is celebrated as a holy feast day, parade, and maybe going to catholic mass.

Dress up the month of March with some four leaf clovers, Celtic knots, and other Irish symbolism for a little extra luck.

Lucky Fashion

Celtic – Trinity Knot & Shamrocks Oh My!

Celtic jewelry is one of the most popular types of jewelry due to its subtle beauty and great, deep meaning. It’s as lovely and meaningful as a field of daisies on a spring, dewy morning. The icing on the cake is that you definitely do not have to be of Irish descent to don one of these significant pieces of jewelry.

Celtic Cross – Found all throughout Ireland, England, Scotland, and bordering Celtic islands, the Celtic cross is a kind of ornate cross that dates to the periods of the Druids and St. Patrick. The cross itself can come in an array of designs and symbols.

Celtic SpiralsCeltic Spirals – The triple celtic spiral is also known as the triskele, is symbolic of the “Three realms”, land, sea and sky. It is also thought to be symbolic of human pregnancy, each period broken up into three trimesters so it also makes sense it’s symbolic of fertility as well. It’d be a most excellent gift for a recently pregnant woman.

Shamrock – Good luck, that’s what most people think when they hear about a shamrock. However, it’s said that St. Patrick picked up a three-leaf clover to demonstrate the holy trinity while he was preaching. The Shamrock possibly wards off bad spirits.

Celtic Knots – The knots, in essence, are never ending. It stands for “no beginning, no ending” and a binding together of two souls or spirits. Many of these knots have been so popular that Christianity has often adopted it into their manuscripts and artifacts. Knots with a square shape are characterized by shields, symbols of protections.

Trinity KnotTrinity knot, a kind of Celtic Knot– A simple, Celtic symbol is the trinity knot. Like the shamrock, the three sided knot was metaphoric for the trinity, father son and holy spirit. It’s also associated with the number three such as the stages of womanhood: maid, mother, crone or elements like earth, fire, and water. The trinity knot has existed long before the Celtic cross.

Tree of life – This symbol is easy to explain, as it’s a common symbol in many cultures. At one point in time, Britain was covered by a lush, mighty forest. With roots that were deep within the earth, and branches that were often interlocked, the tree of life has become a meaningful representation of life, heaven and earth.

Celtic Symbolism

Celtic Pendants are gifts that are well thought out, meaningful, as well as beautiful; a gift that will never fail to please. Celtic pendants are gorgeous and symbolic, think Claddagh ring, knots, ropes. They’re a great gift for a significant other, for yourself, or a friend.

Claddagh: You can read more in depth about the Claddagh shape and how to wear it properly here, but very briefly the Claddagh pendant pertains to relationship status. When worn a certain way, it can mean single, friendship, in a relationship, engaged, and married.

Triqueta: This can mean a variety of things, but the basic motif is the symbol of three. Whether it is the father, son, and the Holy Spirit or the three stages of womanhood, the triqueta would make a meaningful Celtic pendant.

Celtic Key: While the symbols involved in the key are elements of other Celtic centralized images, the key itself is always meaningful and many women enjoy wearing keys due to varied amount of meanings that come with them. A key to a new door, a key to your heart, a key to the truth, the possibilities go on and on.

Celtic Cross: Most Celtic jewelry has some sort of ‘three’ symbolism. It makes sense that there would be a Celtic cross, following that line of reasoning. The cross is rooted in superstition, belief, faith, and also as an emblem of a person’s identity.

Celtic Rings – Some Irish Luck

Celtic Jewelry Set

Dress to impress, light up a room, look like you walked off the movie screen, all these things apply when you accessorize with Celtic rings! They are so fashionable, extremely versatile to any event, and everyone will need to know where you bought them! There are endless circles, Triqueta, shamrocks, Celtic flowers, Celtic spirals, and more designs! Celtic rings come in many different metals, from sterling to yellow gold. They’re easy to wear with a complicated or simple getup. Here’s a little Polyvore to help you envision unique ways to wear your Celtic rings!

Luck of the Irish

Somehow, being Irish is the epitome of luck. It wouldn’t seem to stem from Ireland, as Ireland has sustained a great deal of hardship over the centuries. It may refer to the amount of luck to be had by the Irish when they relocated to America. Their biggest advantage over the natives was their ability to speak English. Speaking English paved the way for the Irish as they joined political assemblies; they could voice their opinions and make contributions to society in a way that made them appear ‘lucky’. Nearly everything lucky is associated with the Irish or the color green; clovers, leprechauns, St. Patrick’s Day, Claddagh rings, horseshoes, rainbows, pots of gold, itchy palms, wishbones, wishing wells, etc. Personally, I really enjoy the Claddagh ring. It’s a really fantastic way to thwart bad luck AND declare marital status. Here’s a quick guide to wearing a Claddagh ring. Consider purchasing a Claddagh ring to keep away bad luck woes permanently!

Last Minute Holiday Jewelry Shopping

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The Many Meanings of the Celtic Triquetra

Celtic Triquetra Ring with Amethyst

The Celtic triquetra is a famous symbol designed by the Celts and is used to symbolize groups of three. Over the years the original meaning of the design has been lost, but new interpretations have allowed the triquetra symbol to become a personal icon for each individual. It is also known as the trinity knot or Celtic triangle and has become a staple image for Pagans, Christians and Celtic art and is found in many tattoos and Celtic jewelry.

Christians have interpreted the sign to symbolize the holy trinity as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Pagans relate the three interlocked loops to the three types of goddesses as a young virgin, a mother and a crone. Others believe the three vesica pieces can represent the three main forces of nature (earth, air and water) as well as the cycle of life, death and rebirth.Celtic Triquetra Earrings with Amethyst

No matter what power of three the triquetra may mean to you, it can not be denied that its classic Celtic design is something to be desired. Whether you are of Celtic decent or just appreciate the fine designs of Celtic art, the ancient triqeutra symbol is an icon that can be worn and appreciated by many.