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Alternatives to Traditional White & Yellow Gold

purple goldRose gold, also known as pink gold, Russian gold, and red gold, is a metal mixture that contains metals that have a red or pink sort of hue, such as copper or zinc. Other metals that can be combined are silver, in a very low percentage. A popular type of rose gold is called crown gold, it is approximately 75% gold and 22% copper and some silver. 14K red gold is a popular choice in the Middle East, a type of rose gold containing 42% copper and 58% gold. Metal components, may vary in percentage, mix, and variation, to create the exact type of brilliant color the jeweler so desires.

Although the names of this type of gold are interchangeable, the difference between pink, red, and rose gold is the content of copper or zinc. The stronger the copper content, the stronger the color red color. There are multitudes of different type of wedding band types, some you most likely have never heard of such as purple gold. Listed below for your convenience is an approximate percentage of metals that make up these unique metallic compositions.

Gold Type Components
18K Rose Gold 75% gold
22.25% copper
2.75% silver
14K Red Gold 58% gold
42% copper
18K Pink Gold 75% gold
20% copper
5% silver
18K Gray-White Gold 75% gold
17% iron
8% copper
18K Soft Green Gold 75% gold
25% silver
18K Light Green Gold 75% gold
23% copper,
2% cadmium
18K Green Gold 75% gold
20% silver
5% copper
18K Deep Green Gold 75% gold
15% silver
6% copper
4% cadmium
18K Blue White/Blue Gold 75% gold
25% iron
Purple Gold 80% gold
20% aluminum

We recommend, if you are looking for a certain type of wedding band, to something below 18K. The purity of the gold may be lower, but it is more sturdy. If you work with your hands a lot, we do not recommend 18K gold in the use of jewelry to be worn on your hands. If you are going to choose a karat 18K or higher, we advise it to be in jewelry that is not worn daily and not worn on body parts that are often used like feet or hands.

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Fashion Trend of the Summer – Topaz Rings

With summer here, what better than treating yourself to a sparkling, gorgeous topaz ring? Topaz comes in so many shapes, sizes, cuts, and colors, so it might be difficult to choose that perfect topaz to accessorize with. It’s best to remember that when it comes to wearing rings, the best colors are colors that offset the outfit. Contrast, rather than match makes a much bigger impact. It’s the kind of impact where women want to know where you got it, and men take notice of your lovely, slim hands and that cute smile when you place your hands softly on your face to brush away a lock of hair. You will have him absolutely pining. Here’s a short, quick tutorial to wearing topaz rings.

Wear contrasting colors – Choose colors that offset whatever ensemble you might be wearing that day. I also recommend choosing an outfit AFTER choosing the accessory. Choose that brilliant sea mist topaz ring, a brilliant kaleidoscope of pink, white, blues, and purples. Choosing an outfit that exemplifies the color pink, like sky blue or a bright yellow is key.

Ring size – Now, this is completely dependent on you. Sometimes a large, flashy topaz detracts. Is your outfit a strong statement, or meek? E.g. is it colorful, off the wall, trendsetting? If that’s the case, wearing a larger stone would be beneficial. However, if you’re wearing a laid back, floral dress a smaller ring is more tasteful. It simply depends on the tone or ‘tude’ of your ensemble.

Type of gold – Sterling silver, yellow or white gold? Again, it depends on the coloring of the ensembles you typically choose to wear. Also, sterling silver goes well with all kinds of skin tones, as does gold, but the skin tone it goes best with varies. Sterling silver goes best with pale, pink skin tones while gold goes best with sun-tanned.

That’s all I have for you now. Make sure to check back for more trendy advice!

Blue Topaz Ring Set

Topaz Pendants – How to Wear Topaz

Fashionistas aren’t born, they’re created. And thus by this definition, with a little finesse even the most fashion challenged individual can wear topaz pendants flawlessly. Here’s a short guide to what to take into account when donning topaz.

Cut: Live on the Wild Side – If you’re looking for a topaz that seems to rain color, you’re going to want to find a special kind of cut that maximizes color potential when introduced to light. Think very good cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, radiant cut, etc. For that laid back, languid play of colors try the rectangular cut.

Rectangular Cut                                           Cushion Cut
Mystic Fire Topaz Rectangular PendantCushion Cut Blue Topaz Pendant

Color: Radiate Wildfire – choose that color that properly accents whatever you’re wearing. Like makeup, just because you’re wearing pink doesn’t mean you should wear pink eyeliner. Try to choose a color that’s on the color spectrum that doesn’t immediately match your color choice. For instance, mystic fire topaz is a very stunning gemstone that radiates blues, greens, and purples. It would go well with something that contrasts those colors. Yet, you can also choose one of the colors already existing, either way you will look stunning. Mystic fire topaz goes with pale, grey tones; try solids or patterns. Or with a lighter stone such as sea mist topaz, try shades of pinks or sea mist green for a stunning accent.
Blue Topaz Journey PendantMystic Fire Topaz Pendant

Size: Beauty and the beast – one might assume that a larger stone could be considered gaudy. That is not the case! Rings that swamp the fingers like delicious ring pops are in this season. They are brilliant spring and summer accessories due to their coloring. For a delicate, more laid back approach try stones that are smaller and sit nicely in the middle of your chest.
Smoky Topaz (Quartz) PendantSea Mist Topaz Pendant

Design: Starlet – there are an unlimited amount of choices of shape and design of a stone. In combination with cut and color, you can make this accessory uniquely yours. Think gemstone trims, extravagant bails, animal designs, plain prong sets, and more.

Dolphin PendantButterfly Pendant

Diamond Stud Earrings – A Girl’s Best Friend

Every woman should own a pair of diamond stud earrings. Think Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn kind of classy. Don’t forget Casablanca. Ultimately, diamonds are just ageless beauty yet simple in their sparkle and shimmering properties. They go with absolutely everything you throw at them, from birthday parties for your children or that Christmas party held by your company. That is why they are the ultimate gift. All else aside, many men choose to wear diamonds in their ears as well. Historically speaking, ‘gentlemen of courage’ often wore fashion earrings, not women! Same goes for high heels, and other kinds of jewelry like pendants. Men were there first! What changed, well that’s only something we can ponder, and perhaps Western ideals are to blame. You can find diamond stud earrings in a various amount of cuts and styles, from princess cut to round brilliant in metals silver and gold. There’s a rare, perfect fitting pair of diamond earrings waiting just for you!

Diamond Stud Earring Set

Last Minute Holiday Jewelry Shopping

Is it the last possible minute for holiday jewelry shopping? Are you worried that your package won’t arrive on time if you order online, but you just can’t get up the courage to brave the mad bustle, like other last minute holiday shoppers? You’re in luck, we can definitely help! You can browse our broad selection of jewelry for that perfect, thoughtful holiday gift. You can find for birthstone jewelry, religious jewelry, men’s jewelry, niche jewelry and more. We’ve listed some options for your convenience, some of our personal favorites! Make sure to look for that button that says ‘in stock ready to ship’. Good luck!


You Can’t Go Wrong With Diamonds

Formed millions of years ago under the intense heat and pressure of the earth, diamonds are precious gems that are universally adored and coveted. There are so many reasons to give diamonds that a variety of rings are available to commemorate special occasions.

Diamond engagement rings are tradition. Giving a woman (or a man) a solitaire diamond tells her that she is the one and only girl for him. To complement the engagement ring, plain gold bands are often used, but so are diamond wedding rings. A channel-set band or even a jacket of diamonds complements the solitaire beautifully. Men are getting into the act with diamond wedding bands of their own.  After all, they like their bling too!

After the wedding, there are still even more occasions to give her a tiny box wrapped in gold. Diamond anniversary rings are often given on the 10th, 25th or even the 50th anniversary, but really they can be given to celebrate the first year to the 50th. Another take on this concept are the 3 stone diamond rings. These are also known as Past, Present, Future rings and that is exactly what they symbolize- a couple’s past, present and future.

While there are many special occasions deserving of diamonds… anytime is a good time to give her something brilliant.

Gemstone and Diamond Earrings Make Wonderful Gifts

Trying to think go that something special that will make her heart melt? Consider buying her some birthstone earrings, but make them really special with diamonds too. Sapphire and diamond earring for the girl born in September will make her feel like she is a princess. Diamonds look even more stunning when sitting next to a rich ruby or emerald so go ahead and splurge. Her smile will make it all worth it!

It doesn’t have to be a birthday gift. Gemstone and diamond earrings are a great way to commemorate any special occasion. Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to show her you love her with ruby diamond earrings. Don’t want to wait until then? Make any day a special occasion with emerald diamond earrings if green is her favorite color or amethyst if she likes purple.

Diamonds make a great accessory to any gemstone and you can find any combination of diamond and gemstone earrings. Onyx, and pearl diamond earrings sort of break away from the norm and offer a unique look that the birthday girl or bride will love.

Whatever style, adding diamonds adds sparkle and shine to any pair of earrings. In silver or gold, sapphire diamond earrings or any other gemstone looks fabulous and says that you think she is special.