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Today, Friday the 21st is the summer solstice. It is also the longest day of the year! Solstice literally means the sun is standing still. In the northern hemisphere, it is the shortest night and longest day, but in the … Continue reading

Celtic – Trinity Knot & Shamrocks Oh My!

Celtic jewelry is one of the most popular types of jewelry due to its subtle beauty and great, deep meaning. It’s as lovely and meaningful as a field of daisies on a spring, dewy morning. The icing on the cake is that you definitely do not have to be of Irish descent to don one of these significant pieces of jewelry.

Celtic Cross – Found all throughout Ireland, England, Scotland, and bordering Celtic islands, the Celtic cross is a kind of ornate cross that dates to the periods of the Druids and St. Patrick. The cross itself can come in an array of designs and symbols.

Celtic SpiralsCeltic Spirals – The triple celtic spiral is also known as the triskele, is symbolic of the “Three realms”, land, sea and sky. It is also thought to be symbolic of human pregnancy, each period broken up into three trimesters so it also makes sense it’s symbolic of fertility as well. It’d be a most excellent gift for a recently pregnant woman.

Shamrock – Good luck, that’s what most people think when they hear about a shamrock. However, it’s said that St. Patrick picked up a three-leaf clover to demonstrate the holy trinity while he was preaching. The Shamrock possibly wards off bad spirits.

Celtic Knots – The knots, in essence, are never ending. It stands for “no beginning, no ending” and a binding together of two souls or spirits. Many of these knots have been so popular that Christianity has often adopted it into their manuscripts and artifacts. Knots with a square shape are characterized by shields, symbols of protections.

Trinity KnotTrinity knot, a kind of Celtic Knot– A simple, Celtic symbol is the trinity knot. Like the shamrock, the three sided knot was metaphoric for the trinity, father son and holy spirit. It’s also associated with the number three such as the stages of womanhood: maid, mother, crone or elements like earth, fire, and water. The trinity knot has existed long before the Celtic cross.

Tree of life – This symbol is easy to explain, as it’s a common symbol in many cultures. At one point in time, Britain was covered by a lush, mighty forest. With roots that were deep within the earth, and branches that were often interlocked, the tree of life has become a meaningful representation of life, heaven and earth.

Hoop Earrings – A Never Ending Story

Hoop Earrings Trend

Think Halle Berry, Hilary Duff, Beyonce, Demi Moore. What do they all have in common? They love to wear hoop earrings! Hoop earrings have a very long, meaningful past (and not necessarily always good!). They have surpassed the ages, surpassed all the varied symbolism to become the fashion accessory they are today. They have marked slaves, been symbolic of a well-traveled sailor, payment for a burial at sea, part of religious ceremonies, and much more. Everyone recognizes the draw of hoop earrings, and there are so many different types of earrings to choose from: fancy, diamond cut, classic, endless, square tube, satin, and twisted.

Classic– These are the types of hoops people are the most familiar with. They come in many different sizes and thicknesses.

Diamond Cut – These types of earrings have a neat, unique design to them. The design is cut with a diamond, hence ‘diamond cut’. Designs range from floral, print, and dots.

Endless – Endless hoop earrings are easy to determine. There is no visible clasp; they look like a perfect, never ending circle.

Fancy – Fancy is just a ‘fancy’ term to say hoop earrings that aren’t susceptible to normal hoop earring rules! They don’t need to be perfectly rounded, shiny, squared, they can be anything!

Satin – These earrings are much more shiny than regular earrings, as they come with a satin-looking polished finish.

Square Tube – These earrings are rounded just like all other hoop earrings; however the hoop itself has a square shape.

Twisted – Hoops with a spiral, twisted design, very similar to that of a rope. They most often come in cuffs without a latch/hook like normal hoop earrings.

Mother’s Day – Perfect Gifts

The fact you exist you can be attributed to your mother and father, then your grandparents, your great grandparents, so on and so forth. Since it’s not Father’s Day, for the moment let’s concentrate on the maternal side of your family tree and Mother’s Day holiday. Even though we celebrate ourselves on our birthday, the truth of it is that your birthday should really be your mother’s day. Due to this terrible travesty, mothers were left without a day in which to be celebrated.

Mother’s Day, the second Sunday of May was originally the celebration of mythical motherhood with goddesses and female deities such as the Virgin Mary, Isis, and Cybele; not as we know it today. It was only during the 1600s that a more modern celebration of mothers started to exist, during a clerical decree in England as ‘Mothering Day’. American settlers discontinued the British version of Mother’s day at first, perhaps due to their busy lives of surviving or because their Puritan ideals conflicted with Mothering day; they focused primarily on devotion of god devoid of bells, whistles, and frills. The first North American Mother’s Day was conceived by Julia Ward Howe’s 1870 Mother’s Day Proclamation. This proclamation was further conventionalized by Anna M. Jarvis, and then finally accepted by the U.S. government in 1908 by U.S. Senator Elmer Burkett. Sunday, May 11, 2008 marked the 100 year anniversary of the government recognized holiday. Over 70 countries recognize Mother’s Day. On that note, let’s move on to some neat collections to purchase when buying mama that ultra-special, one-of-a-kind gift.

Posh Mommy
This collection is based on the idea that mothers should treat themselves (or be treated, whatever the case may be), all the while celebrating their family. For instance, mother Lacy has two children, Mark and Charles. She really enjoys wearing gold, but doesn’t like sterling silver that much. Charles and Mark pool their money together and buy two round, 14K yellow gold pendants with diamond shaped letters ‘M’ and ‘C’. Mom can now look beautiful, have great accessories when going to various events (informal or formal), and a piece everyone.

The Kids
There are four kinds of these pendants, in both genders. They include hug, kiss, joy, and love. Most of the pendants are solo female or male, but some come with two children interacting.

Joy – Is depicted by a young boy or girl jumping with their arms outstretched. They can be wearing a number of things, from regular shirts to baseball caps. The joy is supposed to signify the happiness the kid feels based on his love for his mother or grandmother.

Kiss – This kiss pendant features a girl or boy reaching up to receive a kiss. Typically, kids love receiving kisses until they reach that splendid age of, ‘I’m too old for this!’ This pendant makes those memories timeless.

Hug – This one is probably the easiest to identify. Arms held wide open, kids never get too old for a hug. The girls wear bows, frilly dresses, v-necks, pig-tails, so it’s easy to choose a unique variation of these pendants and then engrave a message or name on the front or back.

Love – This kid can be found with feet flat on the ground, arms extended over their head. It comes with the feeling that can be felt every time you see that little cherub reach up at you, eyes full of admiration and unadulterated love.

Mother’s & Grandma Pendants
Although these kinds of pendants come in all shapes and colors; there are hearts, lockets, engraveables, two-toned metals and even tri-colored options. They all convey the same message, your mother is special to you and you want everyone to know just how much so.

We here at GEMaffair wish you the best of luck when choosing your mother or grandmother that perfect, rare gift. Make sure to check that items are in stock and ready to ship so that they can arrive in time for that special day!

Last Minute Holiday Jewelry Shopping

Is it the last possible minute for holiday jewelry shopping? Are you worried that your package won’t arrive on time if you order online, but you just can’t get up the courage to brave the mad bustle, like other last minute holiday shoppers? You’re in luck, we can definitely help! You can browse our broad selection of jewelry for that perfect, thoughtful holiday gift. You can find for birthstone jewelry, religious jewelry, men’s jewelry, niche jewelry and more. We’ve listed some options for your convenience, some of our personal favorites! Make sure to look for that button that says ‘in stock ready to ship’. Good luck!


Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $35

1. Harley-Davidson Pocket Knife Key Chain – The perfect gift for any Harley Dad, this collector’s item is available in three different styles. Each key chain is styled in honor of the iconic motorcycles with the die-cast metal handles in the shape of a typical Harley gas tank. To top it all off, this pocket knife key chain only costs $17.99 (Which is just about half of your $35.00 budget) and even comes with a bonus collector’s pin.

2. Cigar Box Money Clip – Weighing in at only $18.99, this cigar box money clip is the perfect alternative to a bulky wallet that any dad will appreciate. Even if cigars aren’t his style, GEMaffair carries a wide variety of money clips that are easily customizable to give your Father’s Day gift a personal touch. Add a custom engraving to any order for only $11.97 extra; no matter how big or small you make your personalized message.

3. NFL Dog Tag Pendent – This dog tag pendant is a great gift for any dedicated football fan. This particular pendant is made of stainless steel and features both the team name and logo. More styles are available, but none at such a superb value as this dog tag pendant for $32.99.

Not a fan of football? Check out our collections of MLB, NBA, NCAA, and NHL Sports Jewelry.

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