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These Men Wear Tights, Heels, AND Jewelry

Little known fact (though, it’s easily accessed via Google and you can check it out in our previous blog) but men wore jewelry and heels well before women did. The first men to wear heels were Mongolian horsemen as a means to keep their feet from slipping out of the stirrup (explains cowboy boots now!). In towns that had dirt roads and horse-drawn carriages, the streets were unclean so men and women alike would wear heels to avoid dirt and poop.

Looking hot there, stud.

Hey there King Louis XIV.

Romans, in particular, had streets full of mud and garbage so they donned platform heels. Egyptian butchers wore high heels, to avoid stepping in offal (fancy word for internal organs and entrails of animals). King Henry II wore narrow pointed toes; many say it was to hide his deformed toes. Today, celebrities such as the singer formerly known as Prince, Elton John, and Mötley Crüe wear/wore heels more recently as a fashion statement.

In society, in the past and now, jewelry, gemstones, precious metals make you stand out. They glitter under the sun, impossible not to notice. The fancier you dress, the more people respect you. E.g. a man wearing a suit to an event will be spoken to more kindly than somebody dressed casually. Jewelry was a non-verbalize status and class, whether or not you were royalty or rich. It would have been awkward to walk around announcing your title and position.

My point simply is there were reasonable justifications for men wearing heels as well as wearing jewelry. It showed (it still does) status, grants a high stature (literally and figuratively) and I’m not altogether sure why heels and jewelry became a feminine trend. While jewelry may not be for everyone, and walking in heels is damn hard, jewelry has never gone out of style.

There are a few types of rings that jewelry makers designed to be more appealing for men (but women wear them too), let me break them down for you.

Spinner rings – These are by far my favorite type of men’s rings. They’re a blast to play with, while you’re sitting there waiting, bored, or just hanging out. It’s a better habit then chewing your nails, twiddling your thumbs (who still does this?), chewing your lip, doing dip, smoking, whatever may have you. I personally have a friend who purchased spinner rings to help combat her need to smoke and she hasn’t smoked for about a year now.

A spinner ring typically has two stationary sides; and a middle part the rolls/spins around the base. It can be composed on one singular metal, or a few different types. If you’re particularly religious you can check out our cross spinner ring clicking the words ‘spinner ring’ above.

spinner ring

Signet rings – Think in terms of how things like envelopes used to be sealed; typically with wax, via an insigma carved into a piece of metal or wood. These rings are a lot like that, and signet rings come in oval shapes, triangles, and shield shapes. They can be inscribed with text, or a shape. Masonic rings are a common type of signet ring.

signet ring

Rolling rings – Come in a series of two-three rings that are intertwined. There an interesting piece of jewelry, sometimes lined with diamonds and used as wedding bands.

rolling ring

Affiliation rings – Think Masonic, military, or scholarly like high school or college. These are typically a type of signet ring, but we’re giving it a separate category because these are probably the most common type of ring that men wear. Don’t forget sports jewelry, especially NASCAR.

affiliation ring

Last Minute Holiday Jewelry Shopping

Is it the last possible minute for holiday jewelry shopping? Are you worried that your package won’t arrive on time if you order online, but you just can’t get up the courage to brave the mad bustle, like other last minute holiday shoppers? You’re in luck, we can definitely help! You can browse our broad selection of jewelry for that perfect, thoughtful holiday gift. You can find for birthstone jewelry, religious jewelry, men’s jewelry, niche jewelry and more. We’ve listed some options for your convenience, some of our personal favorites! Make sure to look for that button that says ‘in stock ready to ship’. Good luck!


Great Gift Ideas for Guys

Wedding season, graduations, Father’s Day- all of these occasions plus birthdays and anniversaries deserve a great gift for that special guy. Sorting through all the possible men’s gifts ideas can be difficult. But, there are some tried and true items that make the grade, especially for the guy who has everything.
Consider a two-tone business card holder for the new college graduate to get him off on the right foot whether he’s starting a job or looking. Either way, it gives him a professional touch. For the groomsmen and best man, personal cuff links with an onyx stone or plain silver add a nice touch to their tuxedos. Another classic gift idea is the tie clip. This can be a simple gold or silver bar or, it can be a little dressier with a single diamond and a textured matte finish.

The key is to know the guy and choose a gift that suits his personality. Many men tend to be subtle in their tastes and some refuse to wear jewelry, so when looking for a men’s gift, any of these ideas are great. Gold cuff links or a diamond accented tie clip adds an elegant touch to his day without being too flashy. If the gift needs to be really special, engraving and a personal note give it sentimental value.

The Significance of Masonic Jewelry

Born from an ancient fraternity of stonemasons, the Freemasons are a philanthropic

Masonic Cuff Links

Masonic Cuff Links

brotherhood always striving to learn and improve their lives and the lives of others. Many are fascinated by the intrigue and mystery that surrounds them; they are one of the oldest fraternal organizations in the United States and much of the country’s foundation can be attributed to the organizations contributions to both American architecture, government and philosophy!

Wearing Masonic jewelry is one way members show both pride  and dedication. The signet ring is a traditional piece that has been worn for centuries, but contemporary pieces are also available. Cuff links, tie pins and clips, shirt studs, pocket watches and even pendants are made with Masonic designs. Gold or sterling silver Masonic jewelry is also available.

Masonic Ring

Masonic Ring

Symbols play a large part in the design of Masonic jewelry. The square and compass are the most recognizable symbols of the freemasons. These tools of the trade represent the cornerstone of the organization, the Blue Lodge. The letter “G” is displayed in the center and it signifies geometry, which is essential to building, and God. Many other symbols are available that represent degree levels, specific lodges and other principles of the brotherhood.

Whether it is antique Masonic jewelry passed down for generations or a gift from loved ones, these pieces are steeped in history and symbolism of the most storied organization in the world.