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Diamond Stud Earrings – A Girl’s Best Friend

Every woman should own a pair of diamond stud earrings. Think Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn kind of classy. Don’t forget Casablanca. Ultimately, diamonds are just ageless beauty yet simple in their sparkle and shimmering properties. They go with absolutely everything you throw at them, from birthday parties for your children or that Christmas party held by your company. That is why they are the ultimate gift. All else aside, many men choose to wear diamonds in their ears as well. Historically speaking, ‘gentlemen of courage’ often wore fashion earrings, not women! Same goes for high heels, and other kinds of jewelry like pendants. Men were there first! What changed, well that’s only something we can ponder, and perhaps Western ideals are to blame. You can find diamond stud earrings in a various amount of cuts and styles, from princess cut to round brilliant in metals silver and gold. There’s a rare, perfect fitting pair of diamond earrings waiting just for you!

Diamond Stud Earring Set

For The Love of Christian Jewelry

The Christian faith has been around for ages, Christian jewelry just as ancient as the faith itself. Jewelry of Christian themes tends to reflect the humility of the religion in stunning, unmatched designs. They have always been worn by high priests during special rituals and sometimes with inscriptions. Christians, historically, have been prosecuted for their faith by a number of different groups of people. It’s faith, determination, and dedication that has kept Christianity going strong and proud into the modern day world. Here is a list of the most prominent types of jewelry worn by high authorities as well as Christians worldwide.

Ichthus Fish (ΙΧΘΥC) Jewelry
The fish is one of the most well known symbols of Christianity. The first four disciples of Jesus were originally fishermen. Jesus said he would make a new ‘kind of fisherman’ out of the four, where their sole purpose was to spread the word of god to men and women they ‘caught’.  ΙΧΘΥC, the Greek for the world Ichthys (or Ichthus) means “Jesus Christ, God’s son, savior”, (Ἰησοῦς Χριστός, Θεοῦ Υἱός, Σωτήρ”, Iēsous Khristos Theou Huios, Sōtēr), their code for their belief in Jesus and their way of avoiding prosecution.
fish meaning

Types of Ichthus Fish Jewelry

Plain Ichthus Fish                  Jesus & Ichthus Fish              Cross & Ichthus Fish

Cross Jewelry
Most devout Christians have some kind of cross jewelry in their jewelry collection, which is why it makes a most excellent symbolic, meaningful gift. Regardless, cross jewelry is just as heavy in Christian symbolism as the Christian fish. The Christian cross is the representation of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It sometimes contains a three-dimensional representation of Jesus’ body. The cross is marked by two lines crossing at angles, like in the shape of the letter ‘t’. It’s a piece of Christian art that is both aesthetically appealing and widely worn.

Types of Cross Jewelry
Religious Crucifix PendantHoly Crucifix Pendant
Crucifix Crosses

Celtic EarringsCeltic Cross
Celtic Crosses

Fleur De Lis CrossFleur De Lis Cross
Fleur De Lis Crosses

Navy Cross JewelryAnchor Cross
Ornate Crosses

Orthodox and citrine crossOrthodox Cross pendantOrthodox Cross Diamond Earrings
Orthodox Crosses

Western CrossWestern Cross Diamond Earrings
Latin / Western Crosses

Angel Jewelry
Angel, comes from the Greek word aggelos (ἄγγελος) which means “messenger” so jewelry having to do with angels typically conveys an important message of faith. Typically, angels encompass the range of spirits that God has created in both good and evil aspects such as seraphim, cherubim, and the arch angel.

Praying Angel PendantPraying Angel PendantPraying Angel Pendant
Praying Angels

Guardian Angel PendantGuardian Angel Pendant
Guardian Angels

Thinking Angel PendantPondering Angel Pendant
Thinking / Pondering Angels

Prayer Pendant Jewelry
Though lockets themselves are not uncommon nor a new trend, prayer pendants are a relatively new phenomenon. They are also called ‘wish boxes’ or ‘hope pendants’. Their sole purpose is to be worn over the heart with a special wish, hope, or prayer hidden away on a small piece of paper. Sometimes, the wearers will seal the prayer pendant closed especially if they choose a message they want to be applied to the entirety of their life.

Ichthus Fish Prayer PendantCross Prayer PendantPrayer PendantPrayer PendantFlower Prayer PendantCross Prayer PendantVariations of Prayer Pendants

Saint Jewelry
Besides being there to watch over you and keep you safe, saints are also representative of those young Christians who have chosen their saint and have finally been confirmed. Therefore, it’s the kind of gift that has a plethora of meanings. From Saint John Paul to the Virgin Mary, there are so many saints to choose from and each having their own special message.

St. Helen necklaceSt. Helen Pendant
St. Helen: Saint Helen of the city of Colchester, England was the birthplace of this saint. She made a famous pilgrimage to Jerusalem with the strong desire of discovering the crucifix cross that Jesus suffered to carry. She is the patron of archaeologists.

St. Michael PendantSt. Michael PendantAir Force St. Michael Pendant

St. Michael: The archangel, “who is like God” is the interpreted symbol of humility before God. In the New Testament Saint Michael leads the army of God against Satan’s in the Book of Revelation.

Jackie Kennedy Jewelry

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was the embodiment of class, the Queen of Camelot for 1,000 days. Jackie was a writer, editor, loving mother, and an advocate of history and the arts. As a patron of the two subjects, Jackie dedicated her time and energy to the furtherment of these important cultural endeavors. Jackie Kennedy’s most notable contribution was her selfless absorption into the restoration and redecoration of the White House. She was profoundly influenced by other countries and took much time to visit with people of varied cultures and traditions. Most importantly, and for the sake of this blog, Jackie Kennedy was significantly famous for her elegant taste in jewelry. She was so influential that today people refer to Jackie’s favorite pieces of jewelry as ‘signature’ pieces.

Jackie Kennedy led a strict, private life after the tragic assassination of her late husband and former president John Fitzgerald Kennedy, she then remarried businessman Aristotle Onassis who greatly enlarged Jackie’s jewelry collection. In a way due to Jackie Kennedy’s reserved public appearance and concern with privacy, she became a person of interest. She was inadvertently thrust into the limelight after her passing in 1994. The Sotheby’s Auction of the Kennedy’s estate was a raving success, two years later, an tribute to Jackie’s popularity.

Jackie Kennedy enjoyed jewelry pieces by French and American jewelers; she had an affinity to jewelry by French born jewelers Charles Arpels and Alfred Van Clef. Due to her First lady status, she was required to choose her jewelry accessories carefully. She met with many striking, intimidating forces, from world leaders to musicians and artists. Jackie Kennedy paid fine attention to detail and made some very distinct jewelry choices. Her signature pieces include her triple-strand pearl necklace designed by American jeweler Kennedy Jay Lane, her lovely “berry brooch” by French jewelry Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany & Co, Jackie’s coined signature ‘Jackie’s bracelets’ gold and enamel bracelets by Kenneth Jay Lane, and her gold and white enamel “banana” earrings. Kennedy’s estate sold for a total of $34.5 million, while her estate was projected to only make a $4.6 million sale.

Sultry Sapphires

I’ve noticed that when I’m working with jewelry – certain pieces always make me feel a certain way. I’ll be working with a group – sometimes it’s the same type of stones or sometimes it’s a variety of different stones in a similar design style, regardless – each lends itself to a certain mood, decade or occasion.

Recently we received a massive shipment of sapphire and diamond jewelry.

….I immediately thought, “Classic Hollywood.”

I can almost see the gorgeous dame waltzing in from out of the rain – pushing her way into the male lead’s detective office past the unkempt secretary’s desk…cigar smoke fills the room while she dramatically unfolds her mysterious tale in a sultry deep voice.  The male lead, suave though he hasn’t shaved in days, doesn’t usually take cases like this, but he’s powerless against her beauty.

Those  movies had such character.  Even though the plots were, by description, formulaic, there is always something unexpected.  They were filled with drama, intrigue, a handsome lead and fantastic clothing.  I absolutely love film noir.  It’s cheesy, but true.

So, the other day, it wasn’t at all surprising that I found myself day dreaming about Humphrey Bogart while clicking away at the deep navy blue beauties.  I couldn’t help it.

I think about how jewelry makes me feel and what the stones seem to say.   To me, sapphires say timeless beauty.  They ooze sophistication.  They’re dramatic because they’re oddly mysterious; that midnight blue color doesn’t reveal anything, it’s as though something may be hiding just under the surface…something you can’t quite reach but want desperately hold.

To me, sapphires remind me of the dame from the classic detective drama, the film noir chic.


What do they say to you?

Warm Fuzzy

We all need a warm fuzzy now and then – who better to give it to us than Dr. Seuss?  Good advice from a smart man:

Because You're Happy

The Jesus Fish in Jewelry

The fish is a common symbol of the Christian faith. You’re probably seen the contemporary fish design on the backs of cars in the form of an emblem or a bumper sticker. But, religious jewelry is also a popular way of expressing a belief in Jesus. Fish jewelry is also called ichthys jewelry which is Greek for fish. The letters of the word form the acronym for “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.”

This symbol came about likely from the Biblical references- Jesus called his disciples “fishers of men” and then there’s the popular story of feeding the multitudes with a fish and a loaf of bread. About 54 A.D., the fish became a secret Christian identifier so they could talk about their faith without fear of persecution. If they wore fish jewelry, it would have been discreet. Usually, Christians would draw the symbol in the dirt to show who they were.

Today, fish pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets are all available as an open way to proclaim one’s faith in Christianity. This contemporary symbol can be worn instead of a cross or fish jewelry and other religious pieces can be mixed together. In gold or silver, fish bracelets and other pieces are a fun way to let the world know your faith.