In the Jewelry Box

Info by Department

Learn about the history of jewelry, jewelry in art, and other interesting facts about the different jewelry departments.  In each section, you’ll find information about that specific type of jewelry’s early beginnings and helpful information such as the different parts, common construction techniques and even popular styles.



Jewelry Poll

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Jewelry Glossary

Looking for a specific jewelry phrase or term?

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether you’re choosing the best pieces of jewelry for you if you don’t know what a piece’s description means. Check out of extensive jewelry glossaryit’s one of the largest you’ll find anywhere and learn everything you’ll need to know to make an informed decision.



Necklaces are defined as jewelry worn around the neck wherein the feature accoutrement is either attached to the chain directly or cannot be removed


Bracelets, worn around the wrist, come in many varieties from bangles to charm bracelets to tennis bracelets.  To find one that’s right for you, first think about how often you will be wearing it.  From there, you can help figure out what type of clasp you should seek.

Lobster claw clasps are excellent for everyday use.  They are secure and simple to use.

Tensioned clasps are great for pieces with repeat patterns as they can often be hidden beneath the design.  For added security, look for pieces with a safety clasp in addition to the tension clasp.

Toggle clasps are wonderful for larger chunky pieces and come in variety of different decorative styles.

S-hooks are common with chain jewelry, charm bracelets and fashion pieces.

Parts of a ring


There are numerous styles of watches: fashion, chronograph, sports, luxury, and those tailored for specific purposes like diving or scuba watches.  Before choosing, think about what type would best suit your needs.

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