NASCAR Jewelry

You’re driving on the road and you see a slanted #88 on the back of some SUV or truck (I might be stereotyping here a bit). You suppose it’s better than the most recent trend of stick figure families on the back of a soccer mom’s van or a political candidate bumper sticker (besides, the election is over at this point you’re just rubbing it in).

Showing your personal style on your car is a pretty common thing, though with the prevalence of road rage we’re not sure why you would want to be anything but another car on the road. Regardless, the topic at hand is NASCAR, more specifically NASCAR jewelry. It’s a great (and better!) way to show your personal style or interests in this case. If you’re going out to watch a race, watching from the comfort of your recliner, or out and about on a normal day, this is a very fun, less intrusive way of showing off your favorite sport!

For me, my favorite accessory is a necklace. I don’t bump it on anything, I forget it’s there and it looks great. But you might be a ring man (see what I did there?) or lady. That’s fine. Just because I personally can’t wear something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider it. Personal taste is personal. Though, if you are a man who works in his hands we at GEMaffair might not recommend it (in fact, we don’t unless you can get into a habit of removing your ring).

Matt Kenseth, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle, Jeff Gordon, and I can’t keep up. But that’s okay, just visit our site and use search bar to find exactly what you need because we have a ton of NASCAR accessories and it’d be fruitless to link you to one thing.

Carl Edwards necklace, Carl Edwards watch, Carl Edwards weird sandal pendant thing… we got it all; pages upon pages. Take a look!

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Sweetheart, Have Some Candy!

Recently, eating candy has become less of a trend. With a health-conscious society, filling your mouth full of sweet concoctions that will ultimately cause cavities is undesirably. We have healthy, fun alternative to chocolates and sweets; wearing them. Ears, neck, fingers, all these places are just perfect places to store your Sweethearts Candy Hearts or HERSHEY’s Kiss. It’s a new fashion trend of the new year; get your own today!

Sweethearts & HERSHEY's candy jewelry

Sweethearts & HERSHEY’s candy jewelry

My Ring is Tarnishing – is this real silver?

ImageThis is a legitimate question we often encounter here at GEMaffair. We get angry, upset customers who throw out questions like, “Is this even real silver?” or “Why is my finger turning green!”

We totally understand, but in actuality the fact that your finger turns green indicates that it is indeed silver (and maybe some nickel, too)! What your question should really be, “Why is my silver jewelry reacting this way?”.

Causes of Tarnishing: The biggest and most common reason silver tarnishes is the high acidity of the skin. Like some people are genetically prone to acid reflex, other people produce a high level of acidity emitted through their skin. The composition of the human body at a base is the same person to person, but like our personalities nobody is the same. That is why everyone reacts differently to a cold or even medicine, and in this case to jewelry.

It is common for both gold and silver to be alloyed with other metals to increase the durability and life of the jewelry. Additionally, one of the most common types of alloyed metals are nickel, which like silver, is prone to tarnishing.

Tarnishing, like rusting, is a reaction with oxygen. Precious metals tarnish while iron metals rust. Acid increases the rate of oxidation so that a piece will tarnish faster. Or, it may be, that a piece is exposed to more oxygen than another. It really depends on the use and environment. Water and air is an unwanted combination for most metals.

A metal stamp somewhere on the piece will determine what kind of metal your jewelry is. These stamps are required by law, any piece of metal with a percentage of gold or silver must be stamped with that percent, e.g. 925 sterling silver.

If a piece of jewelry is plated, it will not have a stamp. It must be, by definition, a solid metal with alloyed mix. Plated means coated, so a copper ring coated with sterling silver or gold will NOT have any sort of stamp.

Preventing Tarnish: Tarnishing is hard to prevent, but there are a few things that can be done to slow the process down. For one, do not wear jewelry in a setting of increased movement and/or sweat. Sweat exudes more of those acids we were speaking of earlier. So a clean, dry finger will not tarnish silver as quickly. When not in us keep the jewelry in a dark, dry location with a limited amount of air. Try using anti-tarnish cloths or strips, or even silica packs. These types of material are designs to absorb corrosive materials in the air.

You can apply a polymer coating to the ring, to keep a barrier between the skin and metal. Eventually the polymer will need to be reapplied as it wears away. One common polymer is clear nail polish. Keep soap, lotions, and other chemicals away from your jewelry. Remove your ring between washing hands, bathing, and swimming ESPECIALLY in saltwater.

Metals less likely to turn green are stainless steel, rhodium plated jewelry, and platinum jewelry.

Treating Tarnish: We actually offer cleaning solutions that help remove tarnish from jewelry. You can purchase a jewelry cleaner, but keep in mind that some jewelry cannot be cleaned with a machine. One of the most popular types of jewelry is coated topaz jewelry (mystic fire, sea mist topaz, etc) and these cleaners can actually remove the beautiful coating so we highly recommend using one of our solutions to prevent this. The green on your finger is not fatal; it is typically easy to remove with soap and water while only some may experience itchiness or a rash.

So, we hope this answers all the questions you may have. Feel free to post a comment if you have any other questions. We also have a Facebook page, so make sure to add us!

What Parts of Jewelry Are You Allergic To?

Jewelry Allergy

The component of jewelry that people are most often allergic to is nickel. Nickel allergy is actually a very common sort of allergy, which is a shame because most yellow gold and white gold products are alloyed with nickel. The higher the karat, the less nickel is used, but the more malleable the gold is. Having an allergic reaction to nickel is called dermatitis. There are other types of gold mixtures that do not have nickel like green gold, gray-white gold, and pink gold so take heart in your other options! There are also other non-gold choices like platinum, palladium, cobalt, etc.

There are preventative measures for dealing with dermatitis. For instance, wearing jewelry while it is smoldering hot outside is a terrible idea. The sweat will often wear away the nickel and form nickel salts which then reacts with the skin and causes an allergic reaction. Keeping the skin clean and dry will help prevent irritation, or simply removing the jewelry when outside for long periods of time.

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Red Diamond – The Rarest of Them All

One of the rarest types of gemstone in the world is the red diamond. To date, there are less than fifty red diamonds known in existence. A reddish-orange 3.15-carat fancy red diamond will be offered at Christie’s Sale of Magnificent Jewels on December 10th. This diamond is a circular cut diamond with a S12 clarity. In addition, it is even more so rare for a red diamond of over 1.0-carat to exist. Christie’s has estimated that the diamond will sell for up to $1.2 million.


The value of a red diamond is dependent on the intensity of color. The strong the hue, the more valuable the red diamond; a faint red diamond will be a much less value than a fancy vivid red hue. The high color saturation of the red-orange color is what will give this diamond a high price tag. Researches attribute the stark red color to the small quantities of nitrogen or hydrogen introduced during the development process, creating a unique crystal lattice structure.

Another highlight at the upcoming auction is a 50.01-carat rectangular cut diamond in platinum ring by Graft with two baguette-cut diamond accents that is estimated to sell at $10 million. Brand name jewelry sellers will be also sold at the auction, such as Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, and more.


Alternatives to Traditional White & Yellow Gold

purple goldRose gold, also known as pink gold, Russian gold, and red gold, is a metal mixture that contains metals that have a red or pink sort of hue, such as copper or zinc. Other metals that can be combined are silver, in a very low percentage. A popular type of rose gold is called crown gold, it is approximately 75% gold and 22% copper and some silver. 14K red gold is a popular choice in the Middle East, a type of rose gold containing 42% copper and 58% gold. Metal components, may vary in percentage, mix, and variation, to create the exact type of brilliant color the jeweler so desires.

Although the names of this type of gold are interchangeable, the difference between pink, red, and rose gold is the content of copper or zinc. The stronger the copper content, the stronger the color red color. There are multitudes of different type of wedding band types, some you most likely have never heard of such as purple gold. Listed below for your convenience is an approximate percentage of metals that make up these unique metallic compositions.

Gold Type Components
18K Rose Gold 75% gold
22.25% copper
2.75% silver
14K Red Gold 58% gold
42% copper
18K Pink Gold 75% gold
20% copper
5% silver
18K Gray-White Gold 75% gold
17% iron
8% copper
18K Soft Green Gold 75% gold
25% silver
18K Light Green Gold 75% gold
23% copper,
2% cadmium
18K Green Gold 75% gold
20% silver
5% copper
18K Deep Green Gold 75% gold
15% silver
6% copper
4% cadmium
18K Blue White/Blue Gold 75% gold
25% iron
Purple Gold 80% gold
20% aluminum

We recommend, if you are looking for a certain type of wedding band, to something below 18K. The purity of the gold may be lower, but it is more sturdy. If you work with your hands a lot, we do not recommend 18K gold in the use of jewelry to be worn on your hands. If you are going to choose a karat 18K or higher, we advise it to be in jewelry that is not worn daily and not worn on body parts that are often used like feet or hands.

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