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Red Diamond – The Rarest of Them All

One of the rarest types of gemstone in the world is the red diamond. To date, there are less than fifty red diamonds known in existence. A reddish-orange 3.15-carat fancy red diamond will be offered at Christie’s Sale of Magnificent Jewels on December 10th. This diamond is a circular cut diamond with a S12 clarity. In addition, it is even more so rare for a red diamond of over 1.0-carat to exist. Christie’s has estimated that the diamond will sell for up to $1.2 million.


The value of a red diamond is dependent on the intensity of color. The strong the hue, the more valuable the red diamond; a faint red diamond will be a much less value than a fancy vivid red hue. The high color saturation of the red-orange color is what will give this diamond a high price tag. Researches attribute the stark red color to the small quantities of nitrogen or hydrogen introduced during the development process, creating a unique crystal lattice structure.

Another highlight at the upcoming auction is a 50.01-carat rectangular cut diamond in platinum ring by Graft with two baguette-cut diamond accents that is estimated to sell at $10 million. Brand name jewelry sellers will be also sold at the auction, such as Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, and more.



Congrats to Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman on their long-time coming marriage. Our princess is now a posh queen, her king charming there to pick up the pieces after Raffaello Follieri in 2008. Hathaway’s engagement ring is the epitome of … Continue reading

Why Choose Birthstone Jewelry?

Astrology, Chinese Zodiac, birthstones having meaningful properties, these aren’t new concepts in the least but their timelessness should be demonstrative of how incredibly popular and unwavering these stones are. When birthstone earrings have meaning, the meaningful thing is tenfold more attractive. It’s one thing to like to sparkle; it’s another to attach meaning to a thing like the meaning behind engagement ring makes it infinitely more important than another piece of jewelry a woman could wear. With that being said the appeal of birthstone earrings lies in not only the beauty but the connotation.

January – Garnet: This stone is best for businesses, helpful in creating a successful business environment. Stone of purity and truth.
Healing Properties:
Good for spleen and thyroid.

February – Amethyst: Helps reduce negative emotions like anger, jealousy, hatred, guilt. Overcoming addition especially alcohol addition. Good for stress, protection, and spirituality.
Healing Properties: Boosting hormones, balances moods, good for metabolism and general body balance.

 March – Aquamarine: The stone is for safe travel so it may be an excellent gift for someone who boats. Releases anxiety, restlessness and combats depression.
Healing Properties: The thymus gland is associated with this stone, which helps reduce fluid retention.

 April – Diamond: The meaning of diamonds outside of being symbolic of marriage is generally unknown. Diamonds are good for keeping a positive attitude, increase energy, slow down the aging process (albeit not a large amount).
Healing Properties: Diamonds are good for stomach ailments and memory loss. It also reduces physical tiredness.

May – Emerald:  Good for a troubled mind, Emerald is a great ‘wisdom’ stone and faithfulness in love.
Healing Properties: Best for the heart.

June – Pearl: The oldest and formerly the most valuable birthstone, this ‘teardrop of the moon’ is the symbol of innocence and purity, often sewn onto garments worn by brides.
Healing Properties: Good to wear when having digestive issues. Relieves bloating and biliousness; also good for easing childbirth and increasing fertility.

July – Ruby: Apparently one of the most powerful gemstones in the universe, owners of rubies have a lot of contentment and peace.
Healing Properties: Blood circulations and removal of infections from bugs.

August – Peridot: Also known as chrysolite in the bible, Catholic Bishops in particular don this kind of crystal. Peridot is considered a gift from Mother Nature
Healing Properties: Good for the gall bladder and liver

September – Sapphire: Is symbolic of sincerity, truth, and faithfulness. Sapphire used to be the gemstone that was used in engagement rings.
Healing Properties: Thyroid and throat, good with the nervous system

October – Opal: Enhances ability to communicate your heart with words, overcoming harmful things, and maintaining a strong connection with the animals of the sea.
Healing Properties
: Linked to the heart and stimulates the glands as well as regulates metabolism.

November – Topaz: White topaz is said to increase awareness of karmic deeds and thoughts, purify emotion, and remove stagnant energy.
Healing Properties
: Ideal for those suffering from bulimia or anorexia.

December – Turquoise: One of the oldest types of protection amulets used, it protects against negative energy and brings good fortune. It’s also symbolic of friendship and peace in the home.
Healing Properties: Good for the immune system and regeneration of tissue. Anti-inflammatory and detoxifying.

Sultry Sapphires

I’ve noticed that when I’m working with jewelry – certain pieces always make me feel a certain way. I’ll be working with a group – sometimes it’s the same type of stones or sometimes it’s a variety of different stones in a similar design style, regardless – each lends itself to a certain mood, decade or occasion.

Recently we received a massive shipment of sapphire and diamond jewelry.

….I immediately thought, “Classic Hollywood.”

I can almost see the gorgeous dame waltzing in from out of the rain – pushing her way into the male lead’s detective office past the unkempt secretary’s desk…cigar smoke fills the room while she dramatically unfolds her mysterious tale in a sultry deep voice.  The male lead, suave though he hasn’t shaved in days, doesn’t usually take cases like this, but he’s powerless against her beauty.

Those  movies had such character.  Even though the plots were, by description, formulaic, there is always something unexpected.  They were filled with drama, intrigue, a handsome lead and fantastic clothing.  I absolutely love film noir.  It’s cheesy, but true.

So, the other day, it wasn’t at all surprising that I found myself day dreaming about Humphrey Bogart while clicking away at the deep navy blue beauties.  I couldn’t help it.

I think about how jewelry makes me feel and what the stones seem to say.   To me, sapphires say timeless beauty.  They ooze sophistication.  They’re dramatic because they’re oddly mysterious; that midnight blue color doesn’t reveal anything, it’s as though something may be hiding just under the surface…something you can’t quite reach but want desperately hold.

To me, sapphires remind me of the dame from the classic detective drama, the film noir chic.


What do they say to you?

London Calling

Today I got a message from my sister.  She’s in Paris.  She’s speaking trying to speak french.  It’s funny and a bit sad.

Soon, I’ll be over in Europe as well – Italy, France and England.

I can’t wait to spend a few days in London.  I won’t have to worry about stammering over my poor french or italian skills.  I’ll only have to worry about mucking up my metro transfers or getting lost above ground in a maze of criss crossing streets.

I can’t stop listening to The Clash….

Before I go, I want to know if there is anything off the norm I should make sure to do/see.  Ideas?

What would you pack to wear?  Types of jewelry, shoes, ect?

London Calling

Pay it Forward

Times have been tough for a lot of us recently, but I’ve noticed something very peculiar about the online community:

You’re there for one another regardless of how bad things gets.  You’re there when something bad happens to send words of encouragement.  You’re there to support families going through difficult times.  You’re there to laugh when it’s all too ridiculous.  You’re there at all hours of the day and night.

You all amaze us; we want to thank you for being who you are.

You’re the Blogosphere’s superheros.

For this reason, we wanted to start a GEMaffair.com tradition of Paying it Forward.  A few months ago, one of our Twitter contest winners, Kat, held a blog contest for her readers on her own birthday.

Instead of asking for something she wanted on her birthday –  as we’re all accustomed to (self included….have you seen my amazon wishlist?!) – she was giving a diamond oval pendant away to others.  Her winner, Jenn, was amazing when she won too.  She was so thankful that she wanted to do something to give back as well.

Let’s keep the tradition alive and continue to Pay it Forward from blog to blog.  Kat won.  She hosted a contest.  Jenn won that one and now she’s hosting the first official “Pay if Forward GEMaffair.com Contest

Let’s keep the contest going as long as we can and pass along the good, the swag and the fun.

Entry is easy: just say something positive about yourself or someone else.  Take a moment to think about everything you do for other people.  Think about everything other people do for you.  Some of these amazing people may exist to us only online, but the friendships built are solid.   The words of encouragement we give and receive help when times are tough.  So let’s celebrate it.  Let’s Pay it Forward.

One lucky winner (chosen by random.org)will receive a diamond journey pendant, but all of you will have either said something good about yourself or someone else.  It’s kind of a win-win situation.

Of course, there are additional ways to earn extra entries, but they’re all outlined on Jenn’s blog.  Since this is *hopefully* going to be an ongoing thing, we’re leaving it up to the contest holder to decide how they want to offer extra entries.