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Diamond Stud Earrings – A Girl’s Best Friend

Every woman should own a pair of diamond stud earrings. Think Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn kind of classy. Don’t forget Casablanca. Ultimately, diamonds are just ageless beauty yet simple in their sparkle and shimmering properties. They go with absolutely everything you throw at them, from birthday parties for your children or that Christmas party held by your company. That is why they are the ultimate gift. All else aside, many men choose to wear diamonds in their ears as well. Historically speaking, ‘gentlemen of courage’ often wore fashion earrings, not women! Same goes for high heels, and other kinds of jewelry like pendants. Men were there first! What changed, well that’s only something we can ponder, and perhaps Western ideals are to blame. You can find diamond stud earrings in a various amount of cuts and styles, from princess cut to round brilliant in metals silver and gold. There’s a rare, perfect fitting pair of diamond earrings waiting just for you!

Diamond Stud Earring Set

Last Minute Holiday Jewelry Shopping

Is it the last possible minute for holiday jewelry shopping? Are you worried that your package won’t arrive on time if you order online, but you just can’t get up the courage to brave the mad bustle, like other last minute holiday shoppers? You’re in luck, we can definitely help! You can browse our broad selection of jewelry for that perfect, thoughtful holiday gift. You can find for birthstone jewelry, religious jewelry, men’s jewelry, niche jewelry and more. We’ve listed some options for your convenience, some of our personal favorites! Make sure to look for that button that says ‘in stock ready to ship’. Good luck!



Jewelry History: Earrings

Earrings are one of the most popular styles of jewelry because they come in such a huge variety including button, stud, solitaire, clip-on, chandelier, french wire, hoop, huggie hoop, threader, gauged, and even magnetic.

Earrings have been around for thousands of years.  In 1995, a five thousand year old mummy was found.  He or she was wearing a pair of earrings.

2000 Year old Earrings from Jerusalem

2000 Year old Earrings from Jerusalem

It is believed that earrings actually came into fashion as a way to ward off evil spirits. Since many people believed that evil spirits could enter your body through any its openings (mouth, nose, eyes, ears); earrings were a way of dissuading a spirit from gaining entrance through at least one opening. If there was metal placed through the ear, the spirits would stay away, because they did not like solid metals.

As the years progressed and more people began to wear earrings, the original purpose seemed to wear.  What was once a talisman transformed into a sign of wealth. The larger the earrings or the more lavish the display, the more power one had. Roman emperors and nobles wore the jewelry to show their power and wealth.  It was believed a well crafted pair of earrings said more about the man than his mouth.

As the Roman empire fell and Christianity took over many things changed.

Since earrings were originally worn to ward off evil spirits – a paganistic polytheistic belief – and others wore them to flaunt their wealth, it comes as no surprise that many Christians felt earrings were a demonic sign. There were, however, many men and women who wore them – even in the Bible – but to do so was flashy and un-Christian.

At the same time, there may have been another reason that earrings fell out of favor for several generations.  During that era, earrings were worn by slaves.  In fact, slaves were required to have their ears pierced, and most people did not want to associate themselves with the lower caste.

As time progressed, and stigmas died down, more and more people started wearing earrings. They became a status symbol for men and women. For pirates, they were like medals of honor.  Every true pirate was said to pierce one ear with a gold hoop if they survived a wreck.  Others say a pirate pierced his ear if they crossed the equator.

Native Americans and tribes all over the world have practiced the ear piercing tradition. Mostly, its popularity and endurance is seeped in religious history – be it a tribe in Africa or a Julius Caesar (he had his ears pierced).  Today, we owe the earrings’ popularity to the variety that arises from such a rich history.  The styles we wear today all have different backgrounds.  There is a different story for each and many have gone untold.  Regardless, what was once a spiritual tradition is now a multimillion dollar industry.

Next time you slip on your favorite pair, think about the 5,000 year old mummy.  Think about Caesar and the Romans, think about the slaves and think about the swashbuckling pirates.

Earring Styles: Drop or Dangle?

Accessorizing the ears has been a practice for thousands of years and over this time, earring styles have evolved to suit the times and the women (and men) wearing them. There are five basic styles- the stud, the button, the hoop, the drop and the dangle. Everyone has a favorite style, but it is fun to mix them up. Two of the most expressive styles are the drop and dangle earrings.

They sound the same, but there is a difference. Drop earrings hang just below the earlobe and are stationary or move very little. Often, the earring is all one piece which accounts for the non-movement. But, if the charm or gemstone that hangs down is attached to the base with an o ring, there may be a tad bit of movement.

Dangle earrings literally hang down from the earlobe and… well, dangle. This style swing and sways with every movement. Unlike the drop, which falls just below the lobe, the dangle can fall all the way to the shoulders. Images of Studio 54 come to mind doesn’t it?

Both styles are fun and there is something for everyone. While trends come and go, the basic drop and dangle earrings styles will always be around.

Seven Pieces of Jewelry Every Girl Needs

Whether you’re sporty, classic or contemporary – there are some items every girl needs in a well-rounded jewelry box for a simple yet effective way to enhance any look. The pieces selected are both classic and versatile ensuring they’ll stay in style and go with multiple different ensembles and work for a variety of different functions.

Every girl needs studs, but pick a size that’s right for you. If classic diamonds aren’t your thing, go with something more vibrant.

  • Why studs? They’re classic. They’re versatile. They’re timeless. They’re good for day and night.

  • Hoops:
    Hoops are quintessential in the fashion world, but choose a size that’s right for you. If you’re more at home on the basketball court than on 5th Avenue, don’t go for massive hoops. Pick something that flatters your personality.

  • Why hoops? They’re versatile. They’re timeless. They work anytime of the day.

  • Pearl Necklace:
    Pearl necklaces are the easiest way to add some sophistication to anything you’re wearing. Who says you can’t throw on a string of pearls with a plain white tee? Wear them in a way that shows people who you are. Wear them during the day to add an eccentric twist to casual. Wear them at night for a romantic evening. Wear them to the interview to show off your sophisticated, smart fashion sense. Or wear them to channel style icon Grace Kelly.

  • Why pearls? I think I’ve clearly outlined why. Pearls are a true necessity. They’re timeless. They’re sophisticated. They’re feminine. They’re romantic. They’re versatile. They’re elegant.
  • Dangle Earrings:
    Dangle earrings, whatever type you choose, be it short and dainty dangles or a pair of shoulder dusters, are a must in every woman’s jewelry arsenal. They just make you feel fashionable. I would go as far to say that chain dangles are a must as are at least one pair with gemstone accents for more dressy events. Choose a pair that makes you feel invincible. It may sound weird, but they exist. Once you’ve found them… get them. They’ll be one of your favorite items.

  • Why dangle earrings? They’ve got power. They’ve got movement. They’ve got style. But a word to the wise, if you’re getting the really long ones, don’t turn too quickly. They will hit you in the face. I know from experience.
  • Bangle Bracelets

    Bangle bracelets – plural – are a must. Grab a few in the metal of your choice that match one another. They don’t have to be from a set, just as long as you can throw a few on at a time or wear one alone. That way you have several looks in one and can play your outfit down or up accordingly. The ancient Egyptians can’t be wrong.

  • Why bangles? They’re stylish. They’re versatile. They’re timeless. They’re spectacular. They’ve movement.
  • Locket:
    Every girl needs a locket. Lockets are excellent. They’re young yet mature. Timeless yet have a vintage appeal. Go with everything anywhere. And are easily the most customizable piece one can own. Instead of adding a picture of your beau or best bud, put something inside that makes sense to you. Add a tiny shell from your trip to the shore. Put in a lock of your child’s hair. Roll up your best fortune cookie fortune and slip it in. A locket won’t just accent your outfit, it can accent your day. Each time you catch a glimpse in the mirror, you’ll think about what’s inside.

    Why a locket? They’re feminine. They’re timeless. They’re versatile. They’re customizable. They’ll lift your spirits. They’ll make your day

    Signature Piece:

    Be bold. Be yourself. Pick something – even if it’s crazy colorful and vibrant – to wear as often as possible. Pick something that reflects who you are. Make it unique. Make it special. Give it meaning. You can choose a family heirloom and flaunt your family’s history or you can choose something that says, “This is me.” It’s your choice. Choose a ring, a pair of earrings, a bracelet, an anklet, a pendant or necklace. It’s signature, because it’s you.

  • Why a signature piece? Why else?
  • You don’t have to have a lot of jewelry to have a very fashion centric collection that not only compliments your clothes but also your personality.  Buying jewelry doesn’t have to be difficult. It should be a simple, fun way to show off who you are while adding a bit of style to your day.

    Katy’s Picks


    1. Pink Pearl Necklace


    2. Yellow Gold Hoops Earrings

    Large $140.00

    Medium $104.99

    Small $61.99

    3. Pink and White Opal Flower Ring in Yellow Gold


    4. Rose Quartz, Pearl and Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold


    5.  X’s and O’s Hugs and Kisses Diamond Two Tone Ring


    Do these earrings make me look fat?

    Yesterday I was  feeling a bit optimistic after losing a few pounds, and I decided to take a detour to the ladies dept. while picking up a


    digital camera for my boyfriend’s birthday.  I grabbed a pair of jeans.  Skinny jeans.

    Pencil leg denims.

    Practically tapered.

    It was a ballsy move I would soon regret taking.

    I made my way to the dressing room and shimmied , jumped and squeezed my way into them.  I can’t dance, but had I been on the dance floor, I would have had an audience.  It was a pretty impressive display of determination and moves, and – finally –  they were on.  I swear, the only sound for miles was that zipper closing.

    I inhaled deeply, slowly, almost labored and turned around to face myself in the mirror.  My mouth dropped slightly as I stared,  transfixed in horror, at the reflection there in front of me.  My thighs seemed magnified by the fluorescent lighting, my butt was ginormous, and all of the good feelings I had about losing weight or even being alive whimpered away with my self respectThis ancient sculpture captures my revulsion perfectly.

    Oh no.

    Oh no.

    Whoever invented “skinny” jeans was clearly a jerk, a sadist or both.

    It’s amazing that something as silly a pair of pants can have such a large affect on how we feel about ourselves.  I always say, “I’m not going to obsess about weight or be concerned about something that is just a number.”  Yet, the powers that be in the fashion world make that a very difficult statement to abide by.  Jeans destroyed my day.  A busted zipper can destroy my week. And a bikini can destroy an entire year.  Bravo clothes!  Don’t we wear them to hide our shame?  Not to shame us.

    Which is I guess why I like jewelry.  It never makes our butt look big.  The latest jewelry trends don’t highlight our flaws, they sparkle and shine and just sit there accenting whatever it is we’ve chosen to wear that day.  I’ve never had my day ruined by a bracelet.  I’ve never looked around at others as I’m selecting a new accessory wondering, “Are they all looking at me thinking, ‘She’d better not try that…look at her ear lobes!'”

    Fashion is fun, but selective.  Even if you’re a size 2….there’s no permanent glory.  There will be a garment that will make you look like a goober, and I would prefer to avoid that.

    Instead of dressing with the trends, I wear what I am comfortable with.  I like vintage clothes, plain t shirts, nice jeans.  If I want to be trendy, viola! A pair of chandelier earrings and a layered necklace will work beautifully.  So, if fashion has you down – turn to accessories.  They used to intimidate me, and now I love them.  Just pair what you like with what you like (shocking, I know….) and I promise you’ll never find yourself looking back at a reflection, flummoxed, at how one’s thighs could have grown so much in an afternoon.