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Getting Lucky for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to don some green, lucky vibes, and a smile. You don’t always have to wear green for St. Patrick’s day, green is so last season. And a little pinch never hurt anyone.

St. Patrick or the Feast of Saint Patrick’s day is celebrated on March 17th, the day of St. Patrick’s death. It is an observed holiday, was originally a feast day but gradually became a celebration of Irish culture. St. Patrick’s day is a national holiday in Northern Ireland, where it is celebrated as a holy feast day, parade, and maybe going to catholic mass.

Dress up the month of March with some four leaf clovers, Celtic knots, and other Irish symbolism for a little extra luck.

Lucky Fashion

Rainbow of Topaz (Earrings)

Topaz, the birthstone of November, has Rainbw of topazevolved in such a way that people would not have expected. Scientists found a way to enhance a true blue (okay, not literally) topaz into a kaleidoscope of color when the sun hits it. In nature, topaz is common found colorless, a crystal clear sort of colorless. Other instances of topaz that occur in nature but are significantly rarer are pink, golden, orange, purple, and red. Most topaz are lab created to obtain that stunning color you know and love.

Blue Topaz Earrings – Blue and green are the rarest kind of topaz, an enhanced kind of topaz to achieve that bright unbeatable blue and green color. Sub categories for blue topaz are London Blue and Swiss Blue.

Golden Topaz / Imperial Topaz Earrings – Not to be confused with Madeira topaz, is the second most commonly found variety of Topaz.

Mystic Fire Topaz Earrings – This kind of topaz is probably the topaz we are the best well known for. GEMaffair is a leader in the industry of mystic fire topaz. Mystic fire is lab created, first introduced in Hong Kong in 1998. This category encompasses all the other types of created topaz (sea mist topaz, Neptune fire topaz, etc).

Pink Topaz Earrings – Definitely a crowd pleaser when it comes to women, always pretty in pink.

Smokey Topaz / Champagne Topaz Earrings – Smokey topaz is the same as smokey quartz. Originally, experts believe that topaz and quartz were the same stone. However, upon careful inspection with top of the line equipment it was determined that the two contained different molecular structures. This type of topaz/quartz is extremely popular due to its lovely fall coloring, and the ability to wear it with a variety of styles.

White Topaz Earrings Untreated Topaz – This is the most natural kind of topaz there is. It’s also one of the reasons it’s so popular. Clear is easy to temper with to create brilliant, lovely colors like that which can be seen in mystic fire topaz.

Topaz Earring Set

Guide to Wearing Mystic Fire Topaz Pendants

Mystic fire topaz is a new take on the November birthstone, topaz. The properties of mystic fire topaz are the same as natural made topaz you can find all over the world, but it has been treated with a unique coating technique that gives it a radiating, colorful appearance.


ImageMetal: When choosing a mystic fire topaz pendant to wear, consider the type of metal used and the bail type. Mystic fire topaz looks great with yellow gold, white gold, and sterling silver. It’s simply a matter of matching your ensemble and your own taste. Sterling silver tends to be the most budget type of metal you can buy, while white gold is the most expensive.

Gem Size: Having a larger stone doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a stronger impact on people you encounter; however, small is not always better, either. It truly depends on your own independent style. If you are an introvert, quiet and reserved (for the most part, we know you introverts have a bit of a wild side!) you may want to choose a mystic fire topaz pendant with subtle beauty.


Gem Shape: Dependent on the shape and cut, the color scheme of the mystic fire will change significantly. See below.

Mystic Fire Topaz PendantMystic Fire Topaz Pendant

These two crab pendants are exactly the same except for the cut. Even though they are the same stone, same shape, as you can see there is a noticeable color difference.

In the end, choose what you like and everything else will fall into place!

Sparkle for the Wrist – Mystic Fire Topaz Bracelets

Add some vibrant fire and brilliant color to your jewelry collection with a mystic fire topaz bracelet. The color is great for all seasons, but in particular is a great fall trend.

Types of Mystic Fire Topaz Bracelets:
Tennis Bracelet: One of the most popular types of bracelets is a tennis bracelet, known for its classic, laid back look and efficient clasp to protect against breakage. What makes a tennis bracelet is just a row of gemstones, most typically the same gemstones (though, there’s always an exception to a rule).

Link Bracelet: It’s like a tennis bracelet, except between each gemstone is a link of some sort. It can still be considered a tennis bracelet, also.

Toggle Clasp Bracelets: These bracelets are easy to wear and remove due to the toggle clasp. One side will be an open circle, the other side will contain a thick bar that attaches by inserting it into the circle, extending past the edges, and holding the bracelet in place.

Tennis BraceletToggle Clasp BraceletLink Bracelet

Brief History of Birthstone Pendants

Everyone has a birthstone pendant. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this. Where did birthstones come from? Why were they assigned the properties and characteristics they were? Do they actually have healing properties? These are all legitimate questions I will be attempting to answer in this blog post, so stick around!

We collect gemstones and shiny, sparkling things because they’re beautiful. They become priceless when we attach meaning to them or mark them as “sacred” or special. That is, beauty, in combination with a lovely meaning, is what makes birthstones so incredibly popular. There is a special legend of symbolism behind each individual birthstone, with supposed healing properties applied to each. I will take a few unrelated stones and give some back-story behind them.

Garnet: It is believed that garnet came from Persephone, the Greek goddess of sunshine who was captured by Hades, god of the underworld. Persephone was released with garnet gemstones that looked very similar to pomegranate, which makes sense seeing as the word garnet comes from the Latin word ‘granatus’, meaning seed.

Emerald: Perhaps the most difficult of conditions, emerald has been mined since the ancient Egyptians. The emerald was a favorite stone of Cleopatra herself, who claimed the mines as her own property. She often gave portraits of herself carved in emerald to important visitors. This stone is associated with Venus, the goddess of love. With that being said, emeralds are associated with love, beauty, and fertility; all characteristics Venus exemplified. It also explains why these properties are still associated with emeralds; they have nearly always been considered the stones of fertility.

Peridot: From the French word peridot, meaning ‘gold’ is the birthstone of August and the stone given to a married couple of 16 years of marriage. A peridot birthstone pendant was originally used as a carved talisman of the ancient papyri, even found in the Pharaoh’s treasury. Europeans often used peridot to decorate church plates and robes. They attached various meanings to the stone including happiness, aiding friendship, keeping away envious thought, protect against the ‘evil eye’, etc.

All in all, a lot of attributes that gemstones are said to have come from a lengthy history, most often associated with gods and goddesses of religions old. As for healing qualities, there is little to no proof that these stones have any sort of medicinal properties. However, there is no harm in treating birthstone pendants as if they have they healing attributes as long as you understand that gemstones will never replace the care you will receive from a licensed, trained professional.

Colorful Pearls

Colorful Pearls

Jackie Kennedy Collection

Mention Jackie Kennedy, everybody immediately knows who you’re talking about and have a picturesque image of her in their head, as a classy former first lady of the United States. Like all trends, within a few decades they come back into style something fierce. For your convenience, I’ve compiled some excellent Jackie Kennedy accessory choices. Ginnifer Goodwin could easily pull off this lovely look! Don some presidential elegance today!