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Sparkle Like The Stars!

There’s a new trend on the horizon, as demonstrated by the beautiful Anne Hathaway and spitfire Jennifer Lawrence (we love your biting humor!) at the Oscars; backwards necklaces! The choker look is beautiful, in addition to the ornate design flanking your upper back. We wonder if maybe designers wear their necklaces to bed too, and when they woke up with their necklaces backwards decided it would be a unique new fashion trend. If that is the case, I guess some of us at GEMaffair are already trend setters!

We’re not arguing too hard, it looks fabulous! Strut your stuff on the red carpet, girls!


2009 Oscar Jewelry

Who did it the best?  Who over did it? And did Beyonce loose her earrings?

My personal favorites are Cruz’ necklace, Jolie’s green earrings (jade, bakelite, lucite…what were they?), Hathaway and  Rachel Leigh Wood’s overall elegance and finally, Diane Lane’s Art Deco choker.