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Sports Crazy

From Super Bowl parties to parades for World Series champions to March Madness pools, America certainly loves sports. Baseball, football, basketball, soccer, and hockey keep American sports fans busy all year-round. And we don’t even need to rely solely on our professional athletes, either. College athletics are there to fill in the gaps in our need for constant sports. While all of America loves sports, some cities go a little more all-out than others. So what are the most athletically enthusiastic cities in America?


It may not be counted as the winningest city or even the most hospitable to other teams, but Philadelphia certainly takes its sports seriously. Philadelphians have a deep passion for their Eagles, Phillies, 76ers, and Flyers. Their passion does not include much sympathy for the other team or even their own players. Philadelphia is known for being a hard city to play in or even for. Fans commitments to their favorite players come with strings attached. If an athlete wants their loyalty, he better not disappoint! Visitors to Philly can check out the local sports flavor at Chicky and Pete’s sports bar.


Boston is gloating in glory in recent years. From the Bruins to the Celtics to the Patriots to the Red Sox, Boston fans not only have plenty of teams to keep them busy, but plenty of championships to celebrate. While they certainly have had their share of titles in recent years, Bostonians are famous for defending their teams win or lose. Win-loss records are no obstacles for those that want to tote their teams’ greatness. In 2012 the city had another reason to celebrate as the beloved Fenway Park turned 100.


The windy city may be known for pizza, but it is also the home to many obsessed sports fans. Home to the famous Wrigley Field, this town knows its sports. Fans can cheer for the Cubs, Bears, Whitesox, Blackhawks, and Bulls. It has been voted the Best Sporting City three times – 1993, 2006, and 2010. While it lost its bid in 2016, it is in the running for hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics.

New Orleans

Perhaps known foremost for its Mardi Gras and party atmosphere, New Orleans also has an immense civic pride that includes its beloved teams. The Saints and Hornets are showered with the citizen’s love and attention. Every game is treated like a reason to celebrate – the party-like atmosphere includes food and great music. The Sugar Bowl is held here every year. And maybe it’s the excitement of the city that makes it a reoccurring host for the Super Bowl.


The Broncos, Rockies, Avalanche, and Nuggets all call Denver their home. In recent years, Denver has mourned the fact that the likes of Carmelo Anthony and Tim Tebow no longer call Denver their home, but the fans have bounced back. They are passionate about their teams. Maybe it’s their own athleticism that makes them so dedicated. They are, after all, ranked one of the most athletic cities in the country. Tourists and locals alike love to talk sports at Lodos Bar and Grill overlooking Coors Park.

Showing Your Spirit

No matter your city or team of choice, any true sports fan wants to show his spirit. From naked chests painted with the team’s name to head to toe team colors, fans each have their own unique game day style. Are you looking a way to show your team spirit every day and face painting doesn’t fit in at the office? GemAffair has you covered with Professional Sports Watches. They are a great way to show you have spirit anywhere – from the stadium to the office.

NBA Watches

Form the 1st quarter to the last you will always know how much time is left on the clock with GemAffair’s stylish selection of NBA Watches. There are 29 teams represented everyone will surely find a team they love. Men’s, women’s, and youth styles are all there. Some styles like the popular Unisex Chicago Bulls Watch with Official Logo in Youth sizes have a sporty look. Others, like the best-selling Men’s Los Angeles Lakers Watch –Stainless Steel Pro Sports II, have a dressier look. Do you just love the sport and find it hard to pick just one team? No worries GemAffair also offers two NBA logo watches to choose from.

NCAA Watches

Whether you are in college or just wish you were still having that much fun, GemAffair’s NCAA Watchesare always a smart look. There are over 70 schools to choose from. Watches are offered for women, men, and youth. One of the best sellers in the Georgia Tech University Watch – Men’s Rookie Edition has a very modern look. Another popular selection is Challenger of University of Alabama Watch With Black Rubber Bracelet which is very durable. NCAA watches make great gift to student athletes for game winners, to students for making Dean’s List or graduating, and to all students and alumni for any special occasion including birthdays and holidays.

NHL Watches

From the United States to Canada hockey fans can rejoice that all 30 NHL teams are represented in GemAffair’s selection of NHL Watches. Men, women, and children can sport their favorite team’s logo on their wrist. As can the undecided with six NHL watches to choose from, as well. And what is the best seller of this group? The Men’s Fantom Tampa Bay Lightning Watch with Leather Strap comes out on top.


Best Gifts for Men

Men are incredibly difficult to buy for. They like simplistic things and a majority of the market caters towards women and their buying habits, from clothes, shoes, purses, to jewelry, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for the men except maybe men purses and v-neck shirts (last I heard, American culture doesn’t dig). Like any man or woman, they just want to know that they’re cared about and that their interests/hobbies were taken into account. Above all, a gift that is thoughtful is a gift that doesn’t end up on a shelf somewhere gathering dust. So put those ties away, you bought him a wallet last year, and he certainly has enough Sunday shirts, so get ready for some fresh, carefully compiled ideas of alternatives for important holidays like birthdays, Father’s Day, anniversaries, etc.

Men’s Sports Pendants
Not every man loves sports, but when he does don’t expect him to forgot the Superbowl for an evening out on the town, simply isn’t going to happen. When you love someone, you accept all of them knowing full well what you’re getting into. That’s why sporty men’s pendants are excellent. The NCAA (or school they attended), MLB, NHL, NFL, NASCAR, he can wear it around his neck at a baseball game or from the comfort of his couch, hotdog in hand.

Men’s Religious Pendants
One of the most timeless pieces of jewelry is the cross, some men wear crosses for the simple fact they are dressy without being too over the top. They may or may not be religious; it just depends on their style. There are Judaica pendants, Saint Pendants (which in themselves are very meaningful, all coming with an important message), cross, fish, and more.

Men’s Family Pendants
Men are just as proud of their family as women are. Often, men will get tattoos of their offspring on various limbs of their body. Why not get him a not-so-permanent skin adornment that will last longer than a tattoo? A lot of men’s pendants are engraveable, so you can take any kind of pendant and write a special ‘family’ message on the backside.

Men’s Career (In Uniform) Pendants
The average working man spends most his waking hours in the grind, and if he’s a hard worker he’ll definitely appreciate these identifying kinds of pendants. Military pendants like the Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, or other men in uniform like police officers and firemen. Job related jewelry like men’s pendants are an excellent choice.
Fire Rescue Emblem Firefighter Pendant Image
Men’s Masonic Jewelry
Don’t forget that unique gift of masonic jewelry, for that special Freemason in your life.

What is Officially Licensed Sports Jewelry?

Whenever you are sporting jewelry from your favorite MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA or NCAA team you want to make sure that your team spirit is both official and legal.

Officially licensed sports jewelry means that whatever bling you’re wearing has been approved by the league or association to represent that sports team. It also allows the manufactures to use official team names, logos and colors when designing the jewelry.

Although many companies may claim that their sports jewelry has an “official” logo, you can never be sure that the jewelry is not a fraud unless you can see the official hologram sticker. This small shiny sticker turns whatever piece of sports jewelry you are looking at from just another cheesy rip off to the real deal.

So what’s the bottom line? ALWAYS check for the officially licensed hologram sticker before buying sports jewelry.

Looking for some? Check out GEMaffair’s growing collection of officially licensed sports jewelry that we GUARANTEE is officially licensed by the MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and NCAA so that you can support your team and your style – the official way.